Five Things To Do In Croatia


After spending 6 weeks in this beautiful country on 5 different islands, I wanted to share my top 5 things to do if you've got a trip to Croatia planned including the most breathtaking islands to go to and the best way to get around which includes either hiring a scooter and flying down the mountains or hiring a boat for a relaxing day or snorkelling, eating and sunbathing. 

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1. Hire a Boat for a Day

By no means is this a cheap day out but it is definitely an incredible way to see parts of the Croatian islands you can't by foot, car or bike. It can be an expensive day however if there's a group of you it doesn't work out that much at all. We took a boat out whilst we were staying on Okrug Gornji and explored all of the Sôlta Islands, pulling up into hidden coves to snorkel, beautiful seafood restaurants on the edge of the ocean and of course visiting and swimming in the Blue Lagoon, one of Croatias most beautiful spots to swim in - crystal clear waters like no other. 


2. Island Hop

If you're in Croatia for longer than a week then staying on two or more islands is a must. We were there for 6 weeks and did 5 islands; Solta, Bol, Korucla, Mljet and Dubrovnik. Getting to each island couldn't be easier, there's ferries running in and out of each at such a cheap price and most journeys take under an hour. 






3. Go to the National Parks in Mljet

Our favourite island was Mljet, the home to the National Parks. We extended our pre-planned one week stay to two giving us the chance to fully explore the island from top to bottom. We stayed in a small town in the middle of the island called " " which was a great location as it was a 30 min car or scooter ride to the North of Mljet where you'll find the beautiful National Parks; a day trip well worth doing and the same distance to the South of the island which is the place to go for the only white sandy beaches in Croatia, hidden remote coves which you will have to yourself and for breathtaking ocean views. 









4. Hire Scooters

A hilarious and fun way to travel around the islands is by scooter; again, not too expensive to hire and provide much entertainment along the way and enable you to wind down small roads to secret swimming spots. Again, Mljet is where we hired the scooters as there was so much to see and do there but next time (with more cash) we would definitely hire them on the other islands and for a longer period of time. Days spent winding down the mountains on the back of Kai's scooter in a bikini with the sea breeze and sun shining down on me were some of the best days.


5.  Visit Dubrovnik & do the City Walls

An absolute given if you're in Croatia, even if you're flying back from Dubrovnik and have some time to kill, doing the city walls is well worth the £30 ticket. Despite the blistering heat and busy crowds, the views from the walls were so spectacular and seeing a city like Dubrovnik that is filled with tiny narrow side streets, hidden doors in the walls to uncover water-facing bars from above is so unique and special. 


Have you been to Croatia? What were your favourite things to do?

J x