Hot Weather Beauty Essentials


The weather in the UK over the past few days took a turn for the best and us Brits were blessed with 25-27 degree temperatures allowing the dresses to be put on and the limbs to get a dose of Vitamin D. Alongside a wardrobe shift, I've added a few key Summer products into my beauty routine that most importantly protect but also add a healthy tint of colour, refresh and easy, undone beachy inspired hair. 


Summer beauty for me is all about natural, un-done looks that ensure my skin remains radiant, hair textured and lips balmy. Last Summer I spent 6 weeks in Croatia (travel posts here) and loved not having to fuss about makeup; everyday was an SPF and a super hydrating/cooling moisturiser, hair oil, salt water from the sea for styling and a bronzer if we were going out for dinner or drinks. Whilst I can't quite re-create this exactly in the UK, I try to keep things as minimal and holiday like as I can which is what this post has been inspired by. 







First things first, SPF. The most important step in a skincare routine especially when the suns out. I've got two favourites, both from Origins which was my go-to brand for SPF's last year and I relied on heavily whilst travelling Croatia to keep my skin protected but not greasy or congested. First up, Origins VitaZing SPF15*. I don't use this as my everyday SPF as it's far too low a factor but when Summer hits, this becomes my daily base product; an incredibly light coverage yet dewy product that releases a tint of colour all over. For the serious stuff, I use the Origins Mega Defence SPF45* as my daily SPF which is an 100% non-chemical sunscreen  formulated with strengthening Opuntia Cactus Extract which adds moisture and prevents daily pollution damage. 







Lip Balm

I very rarely wear a lipstick these days (unless I have an event or special occasion) and only really use lip balms as my daily product. Sometimes I'll use something with a tint in-which case I love the FRESH Sugar Lip Treatments but right now, I'm obsessing over the Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom. Not only does this smell like Summer and bring back holiday memories of applying sun-cream with my Mum and Sister and wearing her Estēe Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume, it's a super nourishing thick balm that leaves a matte tint. 


Face Mist

I always carry a face mist around with me, whether its -5 or 25 degrees, they are a staple product and I love that wherever I am, if my skin feels dirty, hot, dry or irritated then I've got the product to sort it out. Right now I've added a new face mist into my routine and it's the  L'OCCITANE Aqua Réotier Fresh Moisturising Mist*. Brand new to the market thats landed just in time for Summer. Coming in a light aerosol spray can, it's travel friendly and easy to carry around making it an on the go essential. Part of the Aqua Réotier range this beauty water comes in a beautiful ice blue packaging that just has summer written all over it and the mist is incredibly refreshing and cooling; when I'm at home, I keep this in the fridge which makes all the difference.








Textured Hair

Summer hair for me is always inspired by hair thats dried after swimming in the salty sea water so is full of texture and tousled waves; the ultimate cool girl island look. I usually use sea salt sprays such as Sachajuan Ocean Mist or John Masters Organics Salt Mist to create beach hair but after seeing this in H&M and a glowing range review on Allure and Into The Gloss, I was intrigued to try. The H&M Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream is a thick balmy cream with a light shimmer running through it that adds a lovely shine to the hair. The product itself is a matte texturiser for effortless, messy hair thats full of volume. I've been applying this to the lengths of my damp hair and for the best results, I let my hair dry naturally.


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What are your Summer beauty essentials? 

J x