Products I've Used Up


I'm always talking about my favourite and new in beauty products over here, showing you guys what I'm currently using, recommending my top picks but very rarely in-fact probably never, do I talk about the products I've actually used up and have emptied down to the final pumps, drops or squeezes. I used to be a-bit of nightmare with beauty products and was always heading into Selfridges on my days off Uni, picking up the latest thing or buying a new product for the sheer excitement of trying it but those days are gone, I very rarely go out and buy beauty products these days unless it's to re-purchase a favourite I can't live without, which is allowed.

After going through my skincare drawers and baskets before Christmas and finding so many opened and un-finished products with some that had probably gone off, I gave myself the 'one in one out' rule. I'm not so strict with this on cleansers as I get through those pretty quickly and will always finish one up but products like serums, oils and moisturisers, something had to change. This post is the first of what will be a series on here where I update you guys on what products I've used up, my final thoughts and a mini review of each featuring everything you need to know on whether its worth picking up. 


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: I loved this gentle, effective and hydrating cleanser from the very first pump down to its very last. Hands down one of my favourite ever cleansers and one that I will re-purchase over and over again - on my to do list this week. Milky Jelly is an incredible mild cleanser that really gets to work on the skin, breaking down makeup, removing any dirt and generally making your skin squeaky clean. It's formulated with rosewater and comfrey root so its mega moisturising and soothing, perfect for dry, sensitive and blemish-prone skin-types. If you haven't already tried this and you're a cleanser or Glossier fangirl, you've got to get it on your next order, you wont regret it.


Antipodes Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli Cleanser*: I've got through two bottles of this already and can definitely see myself getting through a third. This stuff is full of goodness and perfect for those wanting to maintain a natural skincare routine. Formulated with avocado, lime and macadamia nut this thick cream cleanser smells divine, feels incredibly luxurious on the skin and will leave your complexion glowing and clear. 


Ani Skincare Facial Oil*: A locally produced all natural and organic brand at home in The Cotswolds that delivered the most incredible results to my skin that at the time, was suffering with redness and stress breakouts on my jaw. I got through the Frankincense and Sandalwood oil in December to January and it was the perfect product for battling blemishes, reducing redness, drawing out impurities and generally helping with the appearance of my skin. I'd use this oil over and over again to prevent future blemishes and have got my sister using it now who is also seeing the same results; a clear, glowing and healthy looking complexion. 






Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub*: This is some serious exfoliating right here. Goldfaden's physical exfoliator has been packed full of resurfacing ruby crystals that aid in removing dead skin and polishing the skins surface giving you the smoothest skin you've ever had. I'm not going to lie, it's intense so if you're on the more sensitive or reactive side of things, I'd give it a miss but if your skin can take a good scrub, then it's one to try. The texture is a thick white paste and although its abrasive, it is not at all irritating, drying or damaging. I used this around once a week to keep the luminosity and if makes a dam good body scrub on rough areas too. I'm actually using the Advanced version of this at the moment (only when and on/around blemishes) which lets just say is a serious exfoliant. 


Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Another skincare product I've gone through about 5 of. I don't know where I'd be without my Caudalie Elixir, I always have a new one lined up ready and have been known to take the full size glass bottle out day to day, it seriously is the best face mist out there. I love my water sprays but this takes things to another level; so very refreshing and adds such a healthy glow all over. Its got a slightly minty scent to it so avoid getting any in your eye as its a burner. 


SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier*: This is an award-winning serum for a reason and the best Hyaluronic Acid and product ever to be applied onto my face. Worth the £85 price tag? 100%. I miss using this more and more everyday, its been a sad loss in my routine. Think a beautiful goop of HA and licorice root that instantly cools, hydrates, plumps, firms and just helps maintain a very clear, glowing and healthy looking complexion. I used this morning and evenings for the short 2 months it was with me and my skin couldn't have been more thankful. 


FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Serum*: Another serum that my skin loved and sucked up everyday and from one of my favourite skincare brands, Fresh. This serum is a total wonder product in that it provides 24 hours of moisture from the Rosewater and Hyaluronic Acid, helps cool, de-puff and reduce redness from the Cucumber extract and Angelica Leaf which actually helps to retain the moisture so your skin is never thirsty. The formula is a lovely light gel that smooths over the skin, adds a healthy boost of radiance and layers well under any cream or additional serums going on top. I'd definitely pick this up again for an all round hydrating serum, I've just got to get through my others first. 







Laura Mercier Secret Concealer: Pot concealers are always the ones I go back to over and over again for their super creamy formulas and easy, melt into the skin application. This superstar product has lasted me such a long time (most likely out of date before I finished it) but it was just the best. Covered my dark circles without caking or sticking and I found it actually hydrated and really brightened the area. Also really easy to use on small blemishes and any redness with it's light coverage. I'm currently using Glossier Stretch Concealer which I love but I would definitely pick this up again as it's got a little less coverage which I like. 


Delilah Fade Away Concealer: When I had this on the go I'd go through phases of liking it, sometimes it would be great and other days stick to dryness and cause my makeup to look cakey after a while. Looking back and having tried others out, it's a perfectly good concealer and did the job but not one I'd go out and buy, although I had the wrong colour which probably didn't help. If you want more coverage then this is a good alternative to the Laura Mercier. 



Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation: One of my most expensive foundation purchases but also one of the best, so no regrets. This incredibly creamy stick comes with a build-able coverage that still lets skin shine through and adds a beautiful flawless glow all over the face. I would apply this with my fingers and buff in with a flat top brush which ensures quick application and an even coverage. The finish of this is impeccable, it really does make skin look like silk and airbrushed in the most natural way possible. When A/W comes and I'm not wearing barely there tinted moisturisers, this will be re-purchased. 


Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm*: Since I was sent this lip balm, I've been tracking it down online and for some reason this website is the only place I can find it in the UK. By Terry Baume de Rose aside, this is the best lip balm I've used. Never has a lip balm prevented dryness and kept my lips incredible hydrated and smooth all the time like this did. Its unscented and rich in cold cream so immensely effective and soothing. If I had to use one lip balm for the rest of my life, this would be the one. 







Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara: I've actually gone through two minis of this after receiving them in a magazine (I think) or beauty box and as a pretty fussy mascara user, I can confirm this is a great option for added drama and length. The wand is thick and fluffy which I like in a mascara as it ensures easy application and only one-two strokes needed before your lashes are full of volume. I recommended this to my Mum and she found it slipped off easily and smudged under her eyes which I personally had no issues with so if you have oily lids/lashes then maybe try one of their other mascaras as Marc Jacobs have well and truly nailed the eye department.


Benefit Gimme Brow: Brow gel is one of my favourite makeup products and the only one I really use for my brows so I get picky when it comes down to finding the right one. I'd say this sits pretty high in the brow gel rankings, Benefit as a brand excel in the brow department and Gimme Brow is a voluminising, ultra-fine microfibre gel that sticks to the hairs for natural looking, bushed up brows. 


Darphin Oil Elixirs*: I feel face oils are that one product that everyone needs in their skincare routine, morning, evening or in my case both, they really do make all the difference. These powerful and potent oils from Darphin were two other skin saviours over the past few months that I'm sure were the cause of my forever glowing complexion (I drink next to nothing amounts of water in a day so its definitely not down to that). Coming in a range of different aromatics for different skin concerns, I've emptied the Rose one which was very nourishing and perfect for normal skin-types that are looking for a little hydration and radiance and the Vetiver one which was my favourite; designed for stress relief with a range of essential oils that strengthened the skin, comforted, soothed and of course brightened. I'm not sure how my skin is going to cope without these wonder products in my routine, especially in the last month of uni when my skin will be most stressed and in need of the Vetiver Elixir so an impulsive purchase may be on the cards. Stay tuned. 



I hope you enjoyed reading into the products I've used up and not just the ones I'm using. Have you emptied any products lately? 

J x