The founder and editor behind 'AMOUR OPHELIA', A website that encapsulates beauty, skin, travel and style in a modern WAY.. 




Hi there I'm Jasmine, twenty-one with a love for glossy magazines, skincare, advertising and a good flat white. I split my life between Birmingham where I am studying Marketing in my final year of University and at home in The Cotswolds.  

I started my blog under the name 'Jasmine Harding Makeup' back in 2014 where it was solely an outlet to ramble about my favourite makeup products on. Over the past four years, what was a beauty blog has developed into a online hub covering a whole range of topics including style, travel and my life musing and now goes under the name Amour Ophelia

 Amour Ophelia is a hub for the modern day being and any hub comes with variety. This blog explores the modern life of a girl in her twenties covering skincare routines, contemporary and classic style, bathroom shelfies, skincare tips, makeup looks, travel diaries, guides, life stories and more. 

My blog is an exploration of everything I love and have a true passion for. Its an outlet that allows me to be creative, work with incredible brands and share my stories, adventures, inspirations, beauty and style.  

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