Sensitive Skin With Living Nature

With natural, organic skincare brands being the next big thing, I've been really getting into my natural brands and have tried keeping my everyday skincare regime as natural and green product based as I can. The results are better than ever and my skin feels that little bit better having no nasty chemicals or parabens being slathered on. Since I've been loving my favourite brands Jurlique, Antipodes and Pai for keeping me up to date with the news natural products, I've been looking into trying more brands and I've found myself a keeper. Living Nature is a New Zealand brand that focuses on bringing us organic skincare that promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy skin. With ingredients that come from plants and the green world itself, Living Nature are promising products that nourish, improve and transform skin.

I've kick started my love for the range with a product from their new sensitive skin range that is ph balanced with natural Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. The entire range is formulated with solely natural ingredients and is targeting skin issues such as redness, loss of elasticity, ageing and water loss/dehydration. With skin that is constantly dehydrated and often lacks in plumpness, I was keen to give this range a go and started with a product I knew I would love and one I needed in my regime. The Living Nature Sensitive Night Cream* is a gentle cream to apply at night, post cleanse and tone so it can work its magic whilst you catch up on your beauty sleep. The cream itself is of a light consistency but feels rich and nourishing when applied as it sinks into the skin, ready to get to work. Supporting skins natural skin renewall process, on awakening in the morning skin not only feels replenish and fresh, it looks softer, calmer and overall, as a healthy looking glow about it. For those who suffer from rashes or redness, the coconut oil will over time, help reduce the appearance of this and banish it from turning, making it an over time healer. As this is a natural creme, it is suitable for all skin types, including those with excess oil or entree dryness, each ingredient targets skins problem and aids in the healing process. 

I apply this light cream every night once my face is clean and refreshed, ensuring it can sink in with ease and won't clog up my pores. Never does this leave a greasy, tacky feeling on the skin, once it's on, its on for good and you hardy notice it's there. Due to the richness of the cream, it's incredibly nourishing and sin feels as though it is being restored of all water loss and any feeling of dryness is almost taken away instantly. With results as fabulous as this, I will definitely be heading back to pick up more of the range, I've got my eye on the toner next. To make you feel even more spend and to tempt you that little extra, Naturismo are offering 15% off all orders as a bank holiday treat so go grab it whilst you can! (Offer ends 1st September) 

Have you tried anything from Living Nature?