A Clinique Chubby Stick Round Up

The whole idea of makeup in stick form whether it's a lipstick, eye pencil, blush or even a bronzer has completely taken off this year. Everyone is stocking up on the tinted lip balms and the intense matte lip sticks in wind up pencil form, they have transformed the beauty world. Clinique in particular have taken to this beauty trend and have released a number of pencil products, known as the 'Chubby Stick'. Coming in a hydrating lip balm, a pigmented blush stick, the ultimate cream contour and an array of eye shadows, I've started to collect one from each and so far, it's a 10/10 from me. Makeup packaged up into a twist up stick is ideal for the lazy mornings or the no makeup, makeup looks when you're in a rush and want something light and natural looking. They apply like a dream and can be blended and set in place all in about 1 minute, giving you that extra 20 minutes in bed. Result. Multi tasking, long lasting and apply on the go friendly, here's my chubby stick loves.

The Cheek Colour

Keeping up the chubby stick trend, Clinique recently launched their new cheek colour sticks which are immense. Again, in stick form, these buttery, creamy and pigmented blushes glide onto cheeks, working into the skin with ease both alone and on top of makeup. For a healthy looking glow, these will become your new go to blush choice. Swiped on in the morning, cheeks are both illuminated and brought to life all in one easy step. With the formula and application of a cream blush these set to a light finish that lasts like a powder and doesn't require hourly top up, once on in the morning this is stuck in place. Robust Rhubarb has become my go to summer cheek shade with it's peachy pink stain. 

The Moisturising Lip Balm

These chunky little sticks are a girls best friend when travelling on the go or when you need something that is no mirror proof. The intensely hydrating lip colours are silky soft in formula and apply like a butter to the lip. Holding a strong pigmentation, you can slap this on in the morning and won't be having to re apply for a few hours. With lip treatment qualities, these cure dry, chapped lips and provide instant moisture, allowing hydration levels to re store immediately. Curvy Candy is a bright-ish middle toned pink that perks up your makeup creating healthy, fresh look. 

The Shadow Eye Tint

Being a total eye shadow stick convert this was a must have purchase for me and with my collection being mostly golden, bronze and champagne hues, I wanted to try a different colour and opted for a light lilac. Not one I would usually go for but once on, this is a thing of beauty. The formula of these shadow sticks is just amazing, they are incredibly light but pigmented and glide onto the lid, smoothing onto primed lids these set in place and do not budge until it's time to get out the cleanser. These long wearing and non smudging sticks are perfect for a light wash of colour that makes your makeup look that extra bit special without being too in your face and each colour is easy to style. Lavish Lilac has been a go to colour for me this season, whether I'm pairing it with a light base and a bright blush, the pale lavender like purple matches both pink and peach hues and blends beautifully onto the eye area. 

Have you tried any of the Clinique Chubby Sticks?

Jasmine HardingComment