The Staple Products For Achieving The No Makeup, Makeup Look

Although us beauty bloggers love spending hours in the morning applying our makeup, trying out new products and different looks, sometimes it's nice to be able to wake up and chuck a bunch of products together in under 10 minutes and be good to go without looking like you've just woken up. We like to call this, the no makeup, makeup look, an effortlessly chic makeup look that is put together with minimal products but looks as though you've put all your time and effort into creating the look and getting that perfect highlight, truth is? Us girls can pull this together in minutes and once you've got the right products, it's easy to do and you can have that extra half hour in bed you've been dreaming of. Don't get me wrong, I love playing around with makeup and jazzing up my eyes and brightening my lips but some days it's nice to have a natural makeup look that still looks fresh and healthy, you've just cut out about 8 products. This is the kind of look I've been reaching for this past week on the days when I'm working to save time in the mornings and to ensure my face stays fresh all day, which with something as light as this, you're pretty much guaranteed an all day glow. 


As a look like this doesn't contain any kind of foundation or tinted moisturiser, we need to find another way of getting a hydrated and luminous canvas. Sticking to the basics, something along the lines of a primer but with a bit more depth to it, is a good base fill in. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a tired skin pick me up that has become my go to product for a no makeup, makeup look. With it's glossy light texture, this lightweight creamy gel smooths over skin seamlessly, creating even, radiant skin that is moisturised and bright. Tightening skin, brighting your complexion and evening skins texture, gone are the fine lines and any signs of tiredness have vanished. Skins thirst is quenched and prepped for makeup going on top. 


Having no base to cover bags and dark circles, a good concealer that banishes blemishes and brightens the eyes is a winner and in my makeup bag, you'll find the Estee Lauder BB Brush On Glow floating around which is the must have product for bright eyes. This is an idea concealer for early mornings when you've had a late night or a bad sleep as it brushes on effortlessly and almost melts into the skin, leaving a flawless looking, seamless finish. The wind up styled clicky pen is quick and easy to use, no faffing with a brush applicator, this simply dots on under the eye, ready to be buffed or patted in. Skin will be glowing for hours and beaming with light from this moisturise rich concealing pen. Not only does this work as an under eye conncaler, it combats blemishes and redness, making it a multi tasking product that deals with any kind of troubles on your face. 


As part of a natural makeup look, comes naturally flushed cheeks that glow in the light with a subtle pink sheen. To create the most fresh apples of ones cheeks, Benefit Poise Tint is always top choice as it's thin, liquid consistency dots onto the cheeks evenly and can be worked in either with fingers or a stippling brush for the most natural looking finish. This poppy pink tint stains the cheeks with a natural glow and lats for hours, keeping your makeup fresh. Despite being a stain, there is nothing over the top about this product, the tint brightens cheeks and adds a subtle colour that can be built up to ones desired colour/finish. 


To finish off any makeup look, highlighter is an essential for me so in a look as minimal and subtle as this, amping up the glow with a highlight is a must. Creams tend to last a lot longer on my skin and overall make the whole look appear more natural so my No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter* is the one product that hasn't failed to highlight my cheeks, define my cupid bow, make my nose look smaller and make my eyes pop. I like to think of this as Benefit High Beam in cream, stick form. The pearlescent light finish accentuates the high points of ones face without making you look like a glitter ball and the whole look is brought together as each product blends into one. 

What are your product picks for the no makeup, makeup look?