New Spring Beauty Picks


This time of the year is always my favourite time to revitalise my makeup bag, skin, body and haircare routines. Over the past couple of months I've tried and tested a number of products to give my routine a Spring kick and today I'm talking about the ones that made it in for good. There's a mixture of skincare that's looking after my stressed skin and irritated lips, more creamy makeup to keep things even glowier than usual, a foot scrub thats got me sandal ready and a body-care range thats got Summer written all over it. 


Soaper Duper Coconut Range*: One of my favourite brands to use for body-care is Soaper Duper. Alongside each of their products being formulated with real ingredients, avoiding micro-beads, parabens, sulphates and the usual nasties, Soaper Duper is 100% natural, the packaging is 100% recycled plastic and as a brand, they support Water Aid. Pretty good, right? Onto the product, Soaper Duper have launched the body scent of summer with their new Nourishing Coconut Range with a blend of Sweet Orange Oil. I've been using the body butter for about a month now and my skin is thoroughly enjoying the thick buttery texture that replenishes hydration and makes my skin super soft and supple. My shower routine has also been graced with the body wash, making my morning routine even fresher and energising. 


The Body Shop Foot Scrub: Not the most glam of the new in products but something that'll make all the difference in your body-care routine when it comes to prepping for sandal weather. This fresh, gritty, peppermint foot scrub from The Body Shop has been working wonders in my shower/bath routine. It's got such a reviving minty scent that not only fills the bathroom with a heavenly scent but it helps cool feet after a long day. There's volcanic rock granules in there to buff away at the dead skin and peppermint oil so the skin remains soft. Never have I had such soft feet in my life. 






Rosie for Autograph Contour and Highlight Cheek Sticks*: There's no quicker way to add some definition into your face in the morning than with a cream bronzer stick and this Starstruck Contour Pen has been giving me the perfect amount of subtle contour and bronze. Simply swipe into the cheek bones and along the temples for a defined, striking bone structure. I've recently added the Highlighter stick into my makeup bag too which is great for the days when I want a little more highlight than my Glossier Haloscope offers; it's still barely there and natural but gives more of a ethereal glow that shimmers in the light. The formulas are just as buttery as the cheek sticks that I use on a daily basis and talk about all the time on here.


Erborian Glow Crème*: Another glowy, radiant base to add into my collection, this time an un-tinted version that has become my new favourite 'no makeup' day product. Korean brand Erborian have nailed the light base category with a number of their complexion perfecters from BB's to CC's that improve the appearance of skin. This beautiful Glow Creme creates an incredibly luminous glow that gives skin a healthy shot of radiance. Perfect for days when you don't want to wear makeup but also works well as a primer to give some extra glow to your foundation. 




Biore Baking Soda Cleanser*: My skins been clear for months now but since being back at University and in my final term, things have been playing up and I've had the odd stress spot around my jaw line and chin. To help clear things up, I've started using this salicylic acid cleanser from Bioré a few times a week when the area is particularly red or I can feel a blemish coming. This pH balanced foam cleansing foam melts down to nothing on the skin, helping to diminish break-outs without drying or leaving skin feeling tight.  


Decléor Aroma Lissē Dark Circle Cream*: With early starts and late nights in my last term of University, this luxuriously rich and hydrating eye-cream has been providing me with the dose of hydration and radiance I need each morning. The light gel cream formula neutralisers dark circles, illuminates, instantly soothes, cools and aids in preventing the early signs of ageing; reducing fine-lines and de-puffing. Decēlor is a new favourite skincare brand for me and this has been a stand out product in my Spring skincare updates. 


H&M Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream: The mini heat wave last week brought me all of the summer hair inspiration and suddenly I was craving that beachy, un-done look which is what caused this impulsive purchase from H&M's beauty range (I could go back for so much more). Coming in this Summer themed turquoise tube comes a light cream infused with salt water that when spread evenly through damp hair, dries to a naturally waved, textured and messy looking hair-do, almost as though you've just stepped out of the beach. I've added this into my daily hair routine and can see it keeping me feeling 'beach keen' all Summer (until I get the real deal). 






La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lip Cream: I've been under-going a battle with my lips over the past couple of weeks. I woke up one morning and they felt incredibly dry, uncomfortable and slightly itchy, no matter how much Glossier Balm Dotcom I was slathering on, it wasn't making a difference. After realising nothing in my collection was helping to soothe my lips, I went on a hunt to pick up the lip-balm Lily Pebbles said was the only thing to help her irritated lips; La Roche Posay Cicaplast. After first applying this my lips felt instantly more comfortable and I haven't stopped since. It's a thick un-scented balm so there is no chance of irritation, it really does soothe, replenish and reduce any redness/soreness around the lip area. 


Avène Skin Recovery Cream*: As my skins been playing up, I'm trying to keep my routine as stripped back as I can with little and as simple products as possible. You guys know I love Avène and this rich cream is perfect for soothing sensitivity, dryness and stressed skin. I've started using it in the mornings post serum and oil to ensure moisture is locked in and skin is protected. In comparison to the Cold Cream that I was using up until recently, it's not quite as thick and sinks into the skin better so an ideal morning option that helps create a hydrated base for makeup. 








What products have you added into your routine for Spring?

J x