Why I've Been Posting Less

For those of you who have been reading JHM from the start or who regularly read my blog then you may have noticed that I've been posting less recently and haven't been doing my usual daily post. I've tried to keep up but have slipped up these past two weeks and have had a few days when I've not posted. As guilty as I felt, it wasn't the right time to post and I'd rather create content that I'm proud of than post something for the sake of it. Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that I've been a busy bee lately and have simply not had the time to keep up with my daily posting. I've been working more hours, catching up with family from Australia and just having some time to myself. I'm usually incredibly organised and have posts scheduled way ahead but since returning from my holiday, I've struggled to keep on top of things and time has just caught up with me. I believe that having time off from blogging, when you need it, is important to staying inspired, motivated and most of all passionate so a week away for me was perfect to re fresh my mind. I could sit back and relax, ready to come back with a brain full of ideas. I have so many new exciting ideas for JHM at the moment, I'm constantly jotting things down on the go, creating mind maps and brain storming, sketching out post ideas and making endless lists, it's just finding the time to sit down and spend hours without something taking over. To keep you all posted, here's whats been keeping busy lately and why I think having a few days off isn't always a bad thing... 

When I first started up JHM back at Christmas, I was really passionate about posting daily and wanted to create an online space where there was new content for my readers every day. At the time, this was all perfectly fine, I was back home from uni, I didn't have a part time job and could just spend my days taking photos, editing and creating new content, for you. Once back at uni, I continued to post daily and have done up until these past few weeks although it hasn't been easy. With 8 deadlines and tens of thousands word essays, keeping a blog up to date on the reg, was a challenge but I was keen and wanted to keep it up to date, so I did. When back home in April, I had a month of giving JHM my full attention, I didn't work and spend my days shooting photos, planning, prepping, posting, promoting and completeley re designed my blog myself - my life revolved around JHM and I had time to do exactly what I wanted to do with it. The time did come when I it was time to get a job and I managed to grab myself a part time retail job which started off as just Saturdays but slowly I did more hours and began working 3 days a week. Still, creating daily content was manageable. 

It was until I went away for a week and came back, when I realised just how hard and how much pressure I was putting on myself from posting daily and that really, I didn't have the time to keep it up. With my job becoming more demanding and coming back when the sun had gone meant I couldn't take blog photos and although I kept it up, I began to feel as though my posts weren't as good as they could be and my photos weren't looking so bright and clear, this was when I realised, it was time to give myself a break and have a couple of days of not posting. With no full days available to spend on my blog, it was virtually impossible to maintain posting daily, unless I wrote posts and took photos at 2 in the morning which for me, being an old lady, wasn't do-able as I was tucked up in bed at 11 with a cup of tea! I still managed to post every other day, or at least 5 times a week, but I felt guilty for not posting every day like I used to. On these days off, I was able to relax and instead of throwing out a post, I could take my time to brain storm and create new, fresh content for you all.

From this mini break from posting every day, I've been able to refresh my mind with new content and ideas, allowing myself time to plan and shoot for JHM. With many new ideas coming for JHM, I will be back to creating daily content and keeping you updated with my latest beauty loves and skincare obsessions every day like I used to, very soon!