Hair Styling & A Hair O Scope

I like to think I take care of my hair the way I take care of my skin, extra steps of hydration to keep things in good condition and looking healthy with a shine, masks to detoxify and bring it back to normal and styling sprays which I guess you could say are the makeup of hair. Since having my hair cut, although it's shorter now, I find I still have to spend a lot of time keeping it under control and find myself washing it more often than usual. I blame this on my new love for sea salt spray and texturising spray. A mid week revitalising shampoo is essential nowadays. I've got a little collaboration under my belt here for you beauty maniacs and it's all about hair and what your hair says about you. Sounds interesting, right? Madison Reed is a brand which strives on treating hair, adding colour and creating styles that work for their customer. With this vision within the brand, Madison Reed have an amazing hair dye advisor page that helps work out which colour and dye would be best for you, matching it to your existing colour and hair type, making dying your hair, simple. The dyes used are all chemical free and are free of any nasties that might damage your hair in the long wrong, positives all round eh! Before having a read through their site, I was totally unaware that you can use your star sign to tell you bit about your hair, this is all new to me. Madison Reed have created a little 'what does your hair say about you' thing which tells you what your hair is like on a good hair day and a very handy hair tip just for you. So, let's see if their right... 

I've always had super duper thick hair but it was never at all that shiny. It used to be ridiculously long and towards the end of my long hair days, it appeared lifeless and dull which dry ends (sounds grim). Since having it cut into a lob, my hair has been transformed. Gone are the split end days and I've said goodbye to dry locks, my hair is full of life and has a shine running through it that appears radiant and bouncy. I always use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner on my hair, whether its a Moroccan Oil, Argan Oil or even Kukui Oil, I mix between the three and all give amazing results. (Organic X do a great hair range!) I've never dyed my hair although I've always been tempted to add an ombre but when ti comes to it, I always back out and keep it au natural. For treatment, I love products that contain coconut oil as they really penetrate the hair and ensure moisture is locked in and the Revlon All In One Hair Treatment* is coconut hair heaven. The light spray soaks hair in moisture and acts as a protectant against any nasty chemicals or heat which gets in touch with your hair. For styling, I love a bit of texture and some tousled locks, thing just got of the beach, wavey textured hair, that's what I'm after every day. I keep my styling products to a minimum and try to avoid any kind of tools that involve heat and only blow dry if I have to. On a blow dry day, I'll use my Charles Worthington Heat Protection Spray all over and smooth in some Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter Blow Dry Extender Cremewhich is a luxurious styling cream that enhances hairs radiance and keeps everything looking smooth and sleek for that little bit longer. This is full of all sorts of goodness and whilst it's enriched in oils, hair is kept tame, frizz free and looking awesome. For adding the salty beach hair then John Frieda Sea Salt Spray is all kinds of amazing. The light mist spritzs over hair and adds volume whilst creating something summery and on trend. For added texture, Toni and Guy Casual Rough Texturising Spray is ideal and sprayed lightly all over and under the roots really brings your hair to life and finishes off the look. To add a shine throughout my hair and to keep my shine in place all day, I love Sexy Hair Big Sexy Full Bloom Spray* which acts as a light mist all over, adds a shine, and keeps it all in place whilst acting as a thickening spray too. 

Matched up to my Hair O Scope results, things seem to be pretty spot on over here. Hair O Scope have said on a good hair day I have soft and smooth hair which for me, it's always a plus. When I wake up with happy hair, everything is looking smooth, no annoying little fly aways and it's under control, all it needs is a little texture and I'm good to do. Spot on Madison Reed. For my tip, I've been told Ombre is the way to go for me, something I have considered a number of times but something I'm not yet 100% on but time will only tell... 

I've never thought to find out what my star sign said about my hair and didn't actually know this was a ting that people did but to my surprise, it managed to get my hair spot on and who knows, maybe I'll come back with an Ombre head of hair... Find out what your star sign says about your hair over on Madison Reed and let me know your results! 

What does Hair O Scope say about your hair and do you agree?

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