Formula X Polish

Keeping my nails well looked after is something I always make sure I do and keep up, whether it's just giving them a quick shape or going for the full nail file, cuticle oil treatment, base coat and a beautiful swipe of colour, nails are just my thing and the kind of thing you stash and end up having hundreds of. When it comes to it, there's always a polish to throw away so having gone through my stash and working out what is staying and what is going, I decided I need a few more shades and what better a way to start my new collection than in Sephora. I took my first trip to the store whilst on holdiay in Spain and i must say, it was pretty tiny and they had most the brands I can get in the UK, I think Sephoras in Amercia are the only way o to go... However, there was a pretty good Formula X stand in store which totally won me over and I was dabbling for about 10 minutes on which colour to go for. I've been wanting to try these polishes for a while now, especially after seeing so many fellow bloggers talking about them, so this was the perfect oppourinity to give them a go... 

I picked up the shade Uber which is described as an 'extreme orange' and I would say it most definitely is. Formula X Polishes have the most beautiful applicators I've tried, the thin wand glides over the nail, coating it in the perfect amount of colour in terms of opaqueness. Uber is an ideal coral/orange for summer as it brightens your nails without looking too much and enhances that tan, this is a great shade for both fingers and toes, or even both at once! These high quality polishes provide a long lasting, chip free and glossy finish shades add the perfect pop of pigmentation to your outfit and the pure sophistication behind the formula and bottle make this a an etremeley elegent product with a number of luxe shades. The lasting power of these is seriously immense, I've had mine on for a few days now and there isn't a chip in sight! 


Have you tried Formula X polishes?

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