New In | Antipodes

Discovering new skincare brands and testing out new products is something I love doing and my latest skincare obsession is Antipodes. I kick started my love for the brand with a cleanser and an oil and have been looking to expand my collection ever since. As well as high end goodies, when looking for a some good skincare bits, I always go for natural products which is what made me fall in love with Antipodes the way I did. Originating from New Zealand, Antipodes has been creating premium, organic skincare for years and is now available to buy all over the world. Being sold online and in store, Antipodes have an immense amount of products ranging from the simplest of cleansers to the most beneficial of facial serums and oils. With a product for every skin type, Antipodes cater for all and transform skin as they continue to develop their skincare and expand the range. I've been testing out two products from the range recently and I am totally in love. With a mask all beauty bloggers would have heard of and a new release, let's talk Antipodes, face masks and fruity serums. 

ANTIPODES MANUKA HONEY FACE MASK* | If there's one skincare product that really transforms your skin and keeps everything under control, then it's a face mask and the one you all need to get delivered to your door right now, is this one. The Antipdoes honey mask is an absolute revelation in the skincare world. Enriched with essential oils and skin loving ingredients such as Manuka honey, avocado oil and vanilla oil, you are almost promised good results from the beginning. Packaged up into a tube, inside we have a cream that is thick in consistency but light in texture, making it a total dream to smooth over cleansed skin at night. Once a thick layer has been smoothed over your skin, rest for 15 minutes to let the magic happen then remove with a warm muslin cloth to reveal radiant, fresh and nourished skin. With an ingredient as beneficial as Manuka honey, you know this mask is going to be doing some good. Honey is a natural ingredient you would be happy to smear over your skin due to how much moisture it locks in and just how well it hydrates, creating a smooth canvas. With a vanilla pod and honey fragrance, this is one relaxing mask that could send you to sleep. The results? Hydrated, soft and radiant skin all within 20 minutes, what a dream. 

ANTIPIODES WORSHIP SUPERFUIT ANTIOXIDANT SERUM*  | For noticeable results over night that completely change the way your skin looks and feels then the new Antipodes serum is what you need. This super fruit serum is packed full of Berry, Acai and plant fragrance to ensure skin is boosted and has a subtle scent that lingers. Pumped onto your skin at night, the slightly brown coloured water serum sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving any traces of grease or residue, everything just sinks in and that's where the real skin business happens. As this one is water based, the product is sent much deeper into the skin to promote a glow from within. Skin is left appearing brighter, renewed and over all, a lot smoother. Cooling on application, this works the best when patted lightly onto the surface, left to sink in and then locked in place with a night cream or you can just wear alone. With properties of a moisturiser, this holds the hydration levels and anti ageing benefits just in a much lighter form. Having wriggled it's way into my daily routine, I don't know where i was without this product. I pump about 3 drops onto my face each night and just enjoy the fresh berry scent as it sinks in. The results have been utterly fab with this one, my skin has comply changed and is no longer dehydrated and dry looking, this is has been the perfect post holiday treat for my skin to keep everything nourished and healthy. 

Have you tried any Antipodes skincare?