A Luxe Leg Oil

If there's one kind of product I've become pretty obsessed with lately, it's oils. Whether it's for my face, body or hair, I can't put them down and always find myself browsing them online or in shops. In terms of hydration, I find they really sink into the skin and deeply hydrate whilst leaving a beautiful sheen on the skin, something some body lotions don't do. I've been trying a very special leg oil lately that has seriously up'd my leg hydration game...


With a blend of 9 exotic and 7 cold pressed plant oils, this is 100% natural and has the most beneficial ingredients inside for your skin. Roseoil has been used along side of Tuberose and Sandalwood to target anti ageing and to help make skin look younger whilst Evening Primose has been used to help relax and un wind your mind. Slather on every night, skin is left feeling moisturised and supple and looks smooth and radiant. This is the ultimate way to transform dry/dull skin. The scent of this oil is beautiful where the essential oils have created a gentle aroma to coat your body in. For glossy legs in Summer, this is my go to product, I love slapping it on at night to lock in the moisture but also applying some in the mornings if I've got my pins out to enhance my natural tan and to diminish the signs of imperfections, scaring and lumps n bumps. If there's one oil to look for this year, this is the one. Intense, nourishing, enhancing and transforming all in 4 quick massage steps. 

The This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil is like no other. Coming in a luxurious slim tube, decorated with beautiful gold writing and patterns, you can't really get more luxe than this. With a handy pump dispenser, the perfect amount of oil is distributed for one leg so there's no product waste going on here. Being one of This Works 'hero products' and an award winner, you're probably thinking what makes this oil so good. EVERYTHING. There are so many positives about this oil whether it's how it helps your skin or how it feels on the skin or even what you can use it for. It works beautifully as a every day oil both in the mornings and evenings, I love to apply it after showers/baths when my skin is warm as it really helps it to nourish and replenish. To either use over night to help relax your body or in the day to show off your tan, it works perfectly. This is now my go to product to pro long the length of my tan and so far, I'm loving the results. With a non greasy texture and leaving no residue on the skin, this is a must have. 

Have you tried any of This Works products?