With so many beauty and skincare products being sued at the same time, completely finishing off a product is something that doesn't happen often in the life of JHM. I've been really into my skincare lately so whilst picking up new its along the way, I've still been using old favourites that have served their purpose but it's now time for them to go. If there's one product that goes the quickest on my shelf, then it's cleansers. I get through those things like a slice of cake, one look and it's there, the next it's an empty bottle staring back at me and I'm choosing which to have next. Masks and serums take a little longer as you can imagine, less product gets uses and they don't necessarily get used every day but when they do come out on special occasions, boy do I love slathering on a thick layer of the stuff. The thing I love the most about coming to the end of a product, is being able to go and buy a brand new tube and the satisfaction and joy of having found a product that really works for you and your skin just loves. 

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish | Since I had my first tube of these a few years ago, I've stayed loyal and true to the brand ever since. Liz Earle offer a range of absolutely beautiful products that target skins problems and create a solution, fixing within time. Their award winning, best selling cleanser is probably my must re - purchased product, I've got through tubes of the stuff and buy more and more each time. I particularly loved this Christmas edition which was Sweet Orange and Mint, an incredibly light, subtle scent that permeates your skin, providing a dose of hydration whilst removing any traces of makeup. With a hot music cloth, this becomes something more luxurious than your average cleanser, the hot cloth ritual warms the skin, opening the pores allowing any nasties and impurities to be brought out, where the goodness from the product can then sink in. This is seriously awesome stuff that has become a staple on my shelf since forever now and for a simple yet effective cleanser, it's one I recommend to all.

Clarins HydraQuench Mask | Masks that hydrate and nourish my skin are favourites of mine. What's not to love about a thick rich cream smeared onto your skin for 20 minutes whilst moisture levels are restored and skins radiance is revealed. Having only had a small tube of this stuff, it hasn't lasted me as long as a full size would but there will always be room for a tube of this on my shelf. For dehydrated skin, this is just idyllic, comfortable and effective. 

Clinique Smart Custom Serum | When this release first came out, I was dying to get my hands on it and see what the hype was all about so a small size was all I needed to stat with. In a sleek silver tube, Clinique have created a serum that is designed to change skins appearance by plumping, smoothing, hydrating, firming and revealing radiance and it does just that. I went through s stage of using this every day in my routine and my skin was the best it's ever been. There was no sign of dehydration, no blemishes cropping up and everything was kept plump and fresh looking. What makes this so perfect for my skin, is that it works on reducing signs of ageing by stopping wrinkles, in stead of trying to reduce them, making it a serum for everyone. 

REN Vita Mineral Eye Gel | It's no surprise that this is in here as I used it every day for about 6 months so it's time this little tube gave up on me. Finding an eye cream or gel that actually works and makes a difference to ones delicate eye area can be tricky but once I'd nicked some of my mums one evening, I knew it was time to get myself a tube. With noticeable wrestles, this hydrating gel is great for the mornings as it applies wet, instantly referring and awakening your eye area. The soft gel works best when gently dotted onto the orbital bone, where the amount of moistue needed can then be drawn into the skin to deeply nourish and restore eyes skin. 

Liz Earle Eye Bright | For a holiday or in your travel bag, Liz Earle mini's rock. This was the perfect size eye lotion to come on holiday with me and as it was the first time using it, it was a chance to get to know the product and see if I liked it. Having only ever tried Liz Earle masks and the famous hot cloth cleanse, I was ready to try something else and the eye bright lotion is a product that is talked about a lot in the blogging world. The lotion itself is relatively thin and cooling so a dribble dropped onto a cotton pad is enough to swipe over your eyes to refresh and brighten. In the mornings when you wake up with puffy, tired eyes, a drop of this soothed on is the perfect instant pick me up and eyes are awake, refreshed and cooled all in one speedy step. 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | Onto an fall time favourite of mine, a spray that relaxes your body and mind, sending you into a deep sleep in minutes and keeping you cosy and still all night. This spray is serious magic guys and gals, I couldn't be without the stuff and since using it, I am no longer restless in the night, nor do I wake up, I no longer take nearly an hour to fall asleep, 3 spritzs of this on my pillow and I am gone in 10 minutes, total magic. Being an award winner, once you've tried it, only then will you know its true benefits and just how amazing this is. With relaxing fragrances of lavender and other essential oils, your body is soothed and calm, making this your bedtime best friend and a bedside table essential. 

What products have you finished off recently?