A Lipstick Queen Intro


If there's one high end brand that has got your sorted in the lip department, it's Lipstick Queen. Whether it's a liner, a lipstick, a gloss, a pencil or even a balm, LQ have it all up for grabs. As an Australian brand, Lipstick Queen was created as a quest to find when the perfect lipstick, and that is exactly what they have done. With an array of finishes, formulas, pigments and shades available, there is something for everyone. If you like a matte finish or something lighter, LQ stock it. With brightly coloured, vibrant and fun packaging, Lipstick Queen is a luxe yet playful brand that plays with colour and creates long lasting, beautiful products that jazz up anyones makeup bag. The high quality formulas make the ยฃ18-35 price bracket worth it and the duration in terms of pigment and how long the actual bullet will last, will have you over the moon. To introduce you to the brand or tempt you to expand your existing collection even more, I'm featuring two favourite products which will transform your lipstick collection...


Containing only 10% pigment, the Saint Lipsticks are the most subtle of the bunch but by far one of my favouries. Providing a light coverage of colour with one swipe these are great for the gloss to lipstick transition when you are't quite ready for something matte, heave and full on, making them ideal for the S/S-A/W transition. With a finish balancing between something sheer and light to something glossy, they are incredibly versatile and can be worn with one light touch for a much more subtle look that goes with a light gold eye and a touch of colour to the cheek, or you can really dress these up and layer on the lipstick until you've a desired pigment, pair it with bronzed cheeks and a bronze smokey eye, your evening look is sorted. The formula of these lipsticks is so creamy and soft they blend beautifully and can be really built up without going blotchy or dry due to the hydrating properties that ensure lips are moisturised and smooth throughout the dry. Colour wise, i've got a bright red; Saint Eden, which is a raspberry red and is always the one I'll go for when I don't want a red thats too full on or dark, Saint Eden adds a soft load of moisture all over. To keep things natural looking, I've got Pink Nude Saint which is a polished soft pink that kind of works as a your lips but better shade, just with a heaver block of colour and maybeeeeee a little pinkier. 


The next of lipstick Queen products that is worth a mention and a buy is the pencils. Up against the famous NARS Velvet Mattes and Gloss', you can't really beat the colour of this one. With colours to suit all and a selection of nudes available, there is one for the brown nude loving girl and the pink lover. In sleek, sophisticated black packaging these same wind up style pencils last forever and are the most beautiful product to use in terms of finish. With a sheer shine of colour, these are perfect for hydrating on a every day look or for an evening look, these are perfect. The chunky style pencils are inspiring, butter like and eye catching in their jumbo tubes. For the nudey pink love, LQ have a collection like no other. Pink Bluff is perfect for an every day lip and creates a shine but appears subtle and light. Catalina is on the more browne-y spectrum of the nude lip colours but is just as great for both day time and evening. I love wearing Chase when I'm feeling more girly and brave and am after a true pop of pink makes skin look flawless and teeth white, making this a new favourite product for you and I.

Have you tried any of Lipstick Queen?