The Lazy Weekend Face

The last thing I want to be doing at the weekend's is wearing a full face of makeup. Once the week is over, I want to let my skin breathe by going bare faced. There's nothing a deep cleanse, an exfoliating face wash and a good ol' mask can't fix. However nice it is having makeup free weekends, when I'm at work I do slap a few things onto my face but I keep it as natural as I can by using little products and trying to keep things fresh. With cheeks that pump out a gold glow, lips that have summer written all over them and eyes that shine metallic goodness, here is what I apply to my face on the no makeup (ish) weekends. 

As I'm skipping a base, I can no longer reply on a tinted moisturiser to give me that healthy glow so instead, I'm relying on a primer that pumps out a glow, smoothes my skin and brings light to my face. One I can't stop using at the moment is from Lancome, and it's their La Base Pro Hydra Glow Primer. Coming in a sleek pink tube, this looks shimmery and illuminating from the bottle. I squidge a small amount out and smear it all over my face, adding a little extra to the cheek bones. To add a pop of colour then I take my Sleek Rose Gold Blush as it is just the most beautiful pink hue for this time of the year, the small gold particles create a soft glow that looks healthy and youthful. As many of you may know, If you read my post all about 'Strobing' then you will know what I'm a huge fan of the old higlighter so this is an essential step for me in any routine. You can't get any more of a buttery texture than the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo - this light champagne highlight melts into the skin and blends beautifully adding a soft sheen to those cheeks. 

If I spot any places on my face that are looking a bit red or discoloured, then now is the time I go in with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is my go to product for covering any blemishes or hiding dark circles as it's light enough for under the eye but holds the coverage for spots. For eyes, I also go for something creamy or wet at this time of the year and my current favourite is one that found a place in my makeup bag on my birthday and is from YSL. These Full Metal Shadows are the perfect product for achieving vibrant eyes that pop with shine. I have the shade 04 which is a beautiful golden hue and I simply dab this on to the lid and blend blend blend. You can keep these sheer with one layer of really build them up for something more intense. 

I've been avoiding wearing anything too heavy on my lips recently and usually go for a balm but I've gone back to an old favourite lip pencil from Lipstick Queen in Pink Bluff as it's such a soft rose-y pink that adds a natural 'my lips but better' kind of look and keeps lips moisturised and hydrated. 

What product do you reach for on the weekend?