My Thoughts On Strobing

Everyone is talking about the new beauty technique that goes by the name 'strobing'. It may sound like some kind of funky disco on your face which some of your may be put off by, but there is no glitter involved, just think highlighter without the bronzer and contour. Perfecting your base with a canvas of foundation and adding in structure and shape are no longer to be, it's all about bring light to your face with a tonne of highlighting products, still achieving those sculpted cheek bones, just with a far more natural looking finish. The secret to strobing is getting glowing skin with your skincare and keeping your face bare apart from highlight. Here's my thoughts and what products I use for skin that glistens. 

A lot of people may be thinking that 'strobing' is simply a fancy word for highlighting, which in some ways it is but lets just say it takes a lot more work to achieve than dusting on your favourite powder highlighter. Radiant skin is always something I aim to achieve on a daily basis so when I read an article on strobing, I was desperate to give it a shot - anything that gives you a glow, goes on my face. Prepping your skin is an essential step for strobing as in some ways, you are relying on a healthy glow instead of a glow giving foundation. Going in with an exfoliating cleanser or scrub will brighten your skin and reveal a newly radiant base. Followed by a brightening moisturiser, your base is sorted and you are ready to get that glow. 

To get the full effect, I skipped any kind of foundation / tinted moisturiser or BB cream and went straight in with a light reflecting primer that acts as an extra step of hydration and will give my skin a little radiance boost. Recently, I've been addicted to my Lancôme Hydra Glow but for this technique, the best to use is Soap and Glory Hocus Focus due to it's pearlescent sheen. Once I've smeared this over my face, I went in with a touch of Estee Lauder BB Brush On Glow to any areas of discolouration which for me, is around the nose and under my eyes. Once my eyes were sparkling, I began glossing up my skin. For champagne hues that add a warm golden glow, I dabbed some Benefit Watt's Up onto my face with my fingers to really melt it into the skin. With my cheeks, nose and cupids bow radiating light, I still wanted something that was a bit more in your face so I opted for Benefit High Beam and blended it onto my face on the points I wanted to stand out the most. This was the transforming step in my routine to a normal highlighted face to a face that had been strobed. For first time highlighters then using something subtle like the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter Stick will still create the same effect, just a little more subtle. It doesn't scream 'look at my cheek bones' quite like High Beam does. 

Having been a bronzer and contour lover for quite some time now, it does feel weird stepping out bare faced but my face appeared a lot healthier, brighter and I felt I had the whole lit from within glow going on. 

Will you be trying Strobing?