The Dr. PAWPAW Balm That Does It All

DR PAW PAW 2.jpg

It's time to introduce to you a balm that does it all, from being a glossy highlighter to a balm that soothes cuticles and dry elbows, Dr. PAWPAW has created an all round beauty essential. Being inspired from the original Australian Balm, the UK version is just as soothing, packed full of just as many papaya's and works in exactly the same way. Coming in 3 different shades, the original clear balm, a soft peachy pink and a true red, there is a shade for every skin tone and every purpose. Coming in a handy 25ml tube that is handbag friendly, meet your on the go skin saviour.

The Dr PAWPAW Original Clear Balm* made it's way into my makeup bag not long ago and it has not left since. I use this day in day out, what ever the problem is, I reach for my paw paw balm and smear it on. For a glossy lip look, this is my go to product whether it's worn alone for a natural summer look or it's piled on top of a bright lip for something natural with a pop of colour. After reading that makeup artists use it this on runway models to achieve the ultimate glow, it's now become part of my daily highlighting routine. I simply squeeze some onto my hand to warm it up a little and then dab it onto the top soft my cheeks bones, down the bridge of my nose and o my cupids bow. The results? Beautifully luminous skin that catches the light and just looks eternally radiant. If you've ever looked at the runway models and thought how do they get such fresh looking skin that looks almost sweaty but it's not, then this is how. A multi purpose balm that hydrates and gives glossy looking skin. Do you ever get those annoying little fly aways on your hair that just sit there being annoying? Add a touch of this balm to slick them back for a smooth finish. 

Aswell as being a great beauty product, Dr PAW PAW also has a load of healing properties. Paw Paw itself comes from the Papaya fruit which is not only packed full of Vitamin C it is believed to be the first natural medicinal ingredients so if you catch a little too much sun when on the go then this can be used to sooth sun burn and any skin irritations that occur than slap some paw paw balm on and you are good to go. 

Have you tried any of the Dr Paw Paw Balms?