Why I Love Makeup

Since I am a total beauty addict and can't think of a better thing to write lists about, research all day and play around with on my face, I thought why not write a post about why I love it and what it is about it that I love so much. This kind of post is new to JHM, I am yet to sit down and just type about makeup, I'm usually doing the old favourites, hauls or makeup look kinda posts, so lets hope this one goes down well eh. Being a beauty blogger and makeup maverick, you will find me obsessing over new releases and describing a bronzer as 'beautiful' some people find it weird whilst my fellow beauty babes understand. Some people collect shoes, some collect hats and me? Well, I collect makeup. It's a tricky one to explain to people who just don't understand spending Β£30 on a foundation that is just going to run out or a lipstick that will go out of style, so here is what people have to listen to when they ask me why I love it and how I can justify spending so much money on the stuff. 

When I was lusting after the Kevyn Aucoin Super Foundation Brush in SpaceNK a while ago, my new buddie Eleanor J Shore; KA MUA, told me 'you would happily spend Β£70 on a coat that will last you one season and go out of fashion, so why not spend Β£70 on a brush that you will use every day the the next 20 years'. & that my friends, is what I think every time I go to buy a new beauty product. Just think, this stuff has gotta go on your face that people see every day... 

My love for makeup started from a young age. Back when I was a little girl, I used to sit and watch my Mum get ready when she was going out, in awe of her and saying how one day I would wear makeup like her and look like her when I go out. I loved rummaging through her makeup baskets and always wanted to get that red lippy on or smother my eyes in gold eye shadow, so yes, you could say I've always been a makeup girl. I've got into makeup more as I've gotten older and have started to really appreciate good quality, high end makeup in the last couple of years when I began understanding what good makeup is all about, how to apply it properly and what products work for me and what products I should avoid for the rest of my life. I've learnt what makeup is all about and how it can be one thing for one person and something completely different to others but for me, makeup is all about playing around with different colours, creating looks for seasons and occasions and helping to inspire others with what I put on my face. I never do anything too crazy on my face and if you're a regular reader of JHM then you'll know that I keep things light and glowy with a bunch of cream or multi tasking products and stick with neutral eyes. BUT the beauty of makeup is that you can work with so many different colours, there is always time to experiment, room for improvement and you will learn something new everyday.

All in all, what I'm really trying to say is that makeup is so versitile, I could never get bored of working with it, collecting it or keeping up to date with the latest product releases, it's something I'm passionate about, something I love and something that inspires me everyday. Makeup is all about finding what colours work for you and finding the products that highlight your natural beauty.

Why do you love makeup?