Finding The Perfect Fake Tan For Summer

If there's one thing us girls are all doing at this time of the year, then its fake tanning. We all want those golden looking legs that glisten in the sun, tanned feet to go with your new slides and a bronzed face so we can go makeup free if we wish. But we all know, to get this, we gotta get ourselves to Gatwick, hop on a plane and frazzle in the sun for 2 weeks which is pricy pricy. So for now, were faking it. Unless you're a lucky lil thing and are jetting off around the world.  I am going to be going abroad this year but not for a while so I am having to open up a bottle of fake tan and pretend I've been to a beautiful Greek island. I'm sure we can all remember our first fake tanning experience, oh boy were there streaks, splodges and stains. You could say I looked tangoed and patchy, bad times. However, after years of experience with fake tanning I have tried my fair share of products and will be sharing my top tanners with you today, with a mixture of different brands and formula's. Lets TAN. 

MOUSSES: If you want to just go for it and get a long lasting tan that develops between 3 - 8 hours then get yourself a mousse. To get some instant colour that will last you longer than 24 hours then a this is what you need. Applied with a mitt, you simply buff the mousse into your skin either just the legs or all over. I tend to go all over with my mousses, if I know I've got an event coming up that I want to be tanned for then I apply one the night before so it has time to develop to a deep golden tan before I wash off the excess in the morning. If you're new to the whole tanning thing then a mousse is a good place to start, I tend to avoid sprays as they can anywhere and I personally, forget where i've sprayed and it just goes downhill from there really, but mousses, they got my back. To get the perfect tan then scrub n shave 12 hours before the day you tan and avoid using any kind of moisturiser. To ensure a streak free tan that fades easily, moisturise every day after application. U got it? Recommendations: St Tropez MousseCocoa Brown 1 Hour TanVita Liberata Intense Mousse.

GRADUAL LOTIONS: Not feeling a deep tan that takes time to apply and you gotta prep for? Fine by me. When I'm feeling lazy or I just don't want/need to have a deep tan then a gradual tanner is my new bezzie mate. These luscious lotions act as your everyday moisturiser just with tan in that develops over time and after 2-3 applications, you will have a natural looking tan leaving your skin sun kissed soft. These un-tinted lotions are designed for daily use to give you an effortless faux glow that lasts. Recommendations: St Tropez Gradual Tanning LotionCocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual TanDove Summer Glow.

GELS: For something shimmery, golden and glowy then you neeeeeed a gel. These iridescent clear gels give an instant gold sheen to your body that after 3 hours will have developed into the most beautiful natural looking, streak free rich golden tan. The luminous finish these give are incredibly flattering as they make limbs appear slimmer and seriously make you glow. You will be the light of the party. Recommendations: Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel and Nip +Fab Body Glow Fix.

INSTANTS: If you're heading out for the night and need those legs to be looking slightly more bronzed then grab ya'self a bottle of instant tan. These instant tan fixers are a real life saver when it comes to last minute tanning, I literally apply this 30 mins before I go out and my legs are left with a deep bronze colour that rinses off with ease the next day. Recommendations: Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant TanL'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day BodySt Tropez Instant TanFake Bake Bronzer Instant Tan Lotion.

What is your favourite tan for Summer?