All Over Oils

As shown in my Hydration Heroes post, you can probably tell I am not a fan of dry skin and am someone who slathers on layers and layers of moisturiser to keep my hydrated and nourished. Well, aswell as the obvious love for lotions, butters and souffle's, I am also a huge fan of oils and recently have become slightly obsessed. It all started off with oil cleansers and then I adopted a face oil into my skincare regime and thats when I realised just how great they are and that I should start slapping em on everyday. And not just on my face... Body oils, hair oils, oils for your face, oils for the nails, there are so many oils out there, but today I am talking to you about the oils that keep my skin silky smooth and glowing.

Starting with the body, body oils are suddenly becoming the next big thing and with nearly all popular brands jumping on the bandwagon, there's a pretty good variety of different ones to choose from. One I have had my eye on for a very long time and decided to pick up recently when I was on the hunt for a new body oil was The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil. This lightly scented oil is the ultimate body product you need if you're after gleaming skin which is deeply nourished. They can actually be used for body, hair and face making them incredibly handy for travelling as it saves you having to carry around 3 different oils, you can just take the one multi tasker. The way I prefer to use these however is as an all over oil after I've moisturised with a lotion/butter and slap on a  few layers for a glowing finish.

To keep my face looking suuuper radiant and feeling softer than ever then a facial oil is my go to product. I've tried and tested rather a few face oils now and the bottle I am currently working my way through is the SuperFacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Oil. This beautiful rose oil is one of the most hydrating products I've ever put on my face due to the amount of goodness it is ooozing with - mainly rose hip oil. Before I apply my moisturiser I pump 2 splodges of this into my hands, warm it and slap it on before locking it in place with my Vitamin E ultra hydrating day cream. If you fancy splashing the cash then REN do some beautiful face oils, Clarins have a lovely choice and of course, skin care brand Origins offer an amazing plantscription oil.

Hair, hair, hair. Something I used to be awful at looking after but since having about 6 inches chopped off, I'm now making sure I look after it and treat my hair every day. Now we all know that using a mask in the shower can add a tonne of moisture and hydration for your hair but something that is even better than that, is the hair oils. Of course we have the famous Moroccan Oil which smells heavenly, it hydrates my locks and adds a lovely shine but it is prettyyy expensive so I have a few cheaper alternatives. Starting with John Frieda, we have the Repair Oil which is quite a light oil in terms of consistency but it really sinks into the ends your hair. Another one you would've seen in my Hair Saviours post is the Organix Macadamia Oil - something that is more intense, thicker in texture and one that is good for seriously dry hair whilst the JF one is great for damaged hair from heat products. Whenever I use these products, I use about one pump which is plenty for the ends of my hair.

What are your favourite oils for your body, skin and hair?