Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Sculpting Duo

Up until recently, contouring has been a one way road for me and by that I mean, I swore by the Anastasia Contour Kit and my collection consisted of nothing else. It wasn't until I stumbled across the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Creamy Duo in the wonderful SpaceNK, that everything changed and my contour routine has been transformed. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Anastasia kit, but for abit of every day definition or something creamy, natural and easy to blend, then KA is the way to go. If there's one product I reach for to achieve glowing, sculpted cheeks then this is the one and it beats any other product I've used to fake cheek bones. You go Kevyn Aucoin. 

The Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo Sculpting/Candlelight comes in a handy travel sized case with two shades inside, one to sculpt and one to highlight. If you're a fan of the famous Sculpting Powder and Candlelight Highligh Powder, then you'll love these as they are basically a cream version all packaged up into one with a small mirror. Starting with the consistency of these, I don't think I've actually ever tried a cream product that is as beautiful as this. The light creamy texture is so buttery and smooth it glides onto the skin with ease adding the definition and highlight you want, holding the ability to keep things subtle and natural looking or due to just how creamy they are, you can blend blend blend and build build build for something more bold and striking. People always worry that cream cheek products wont last so long as powders do but when it comes to this product, there is no need to think twice about the longevity. Once applied in the morning, by the end of the day my cheeks are sculpted, highlighted and glowing, looking just as fresh as they did when first applied. 

The contour shade is cool toned like most contour products so you really get the shadow effect, but I would say this is a little warmer in tone than say the sculpting powder which makes it ideal for both contour and bronzer so you can sculpt and warm your face with one product, handy. I've tried a number of ways to apply this and I've found the easiest is to pick some product up with a buffing brush and buff it in or go straight in with my fingers and blend away. Either way, I always end up using a bit of brush action and some blending with my fingers as I find that gives the most natural effect and it means I can really blend and build. The beautiful highlight shade is what really gets me with this one. The soft champagne highlight is just a dream. I thought Benefit High Beam was the one and only highlighter for me, but this has blown it away and knocked it off the shelf. The cream consistency is incredibly light weight, it almost melts into the skin when you apply it, giving a naturally lit from within 'my face actually glows like this' look. To apply the highlight then I simply rub the tip of my ring finger in the product and dab it on the tops of my cheek, cupids bow, brow bone and the bridge of my nose to make me glow in all the right places. This really is the secret to the contoured face we all want and for £22, I think it's set at a pretty reasonable price considering the quality, pigmentation and finish the product gives. Go grab it girls for the best contoured face in town. 

Have you tried any of Kevyn Aucoin beauty? Which are your favourites and have you tried this?