The Non-Sticky Lipgloss'

I'm going to tell you now, I haven't always been a lipgloss girl, it wasn't until I discovered the No7 BB Lips, that I've been a lip gloss lover. Usually when people think lipgloss, they think sticky, gloopy and uncomfortable to wear, but those days are gone and lip gloss' nowadays are all about a moisturising wash of colour with a subtle shine. For spring and summer, I find lipgloss' are my go to lip, they are so easy to wear and re apply, don't get me wrong, I still love my lipsticks and a matte lip every now and then, but for everyday wear, a lip gloss is what I'm reaching for right now. With a couple of drugstore brands and a few high end, I've put together my favourites...

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors: These were one of the first lip gloss' I tried and have been a favourite ever since, they are basically everything you look for in a gloss. The smooth, balmy texture glides onto the lip, keeping them hydrated all day. They do only come in 6 shades, so they are lacking a little in that department, but they have the obvious ones like a couple of nudes and pinks, a slight peachy one and a slightly darker pink, enough to take over ones collection anyway! These are a classic lip balm, pretty well known in the beauty world now and if you're into a natural, light lip in summer then get your hands on one of these.

By Terry Baume De Rose Gloss': My love for lipgloss' was definitely enhanced when these came into my life, I realised their full potential and that there was a lipgloss out there for me. These are most definitely the most luxurious out of the bunch, the intense rose scent hydrates and restores the lips, whilst still adding a wash of colour and some shine. By Terry are well known for there beautiful balmy lip products ensuring these are not at all sticky. I have the these in 5 shades- Baume De Rose, Rosy Babe, Cherry Bomb, Fig Fiction and Coffee Cream, all of which are beautiful and transform my makeup look.

No7 BB Lips: Before I start this, I just want to say these are an amazing dupe for the Clarins' (full post here). Colour range?  Good- pinks, corals, nudes etc. Application? incredibly easy and smooth. Formula? Beautiful. Finish? The peeeerfect shine. I can't fault these gloss' in any way, they are pure perfection. I have the shades Blush Coral and Blink Pink, both beautiful and great spring shades. If I'm just chucking on some makeup to pop out or even with a full face, these work so well for a natural finish and for when you want something which is comfortable to wear.

Bourjois 3D Lipgloss: If you want a gloss with a bit more shimmer in, then these are your best bet. The shimmer is very subtle, but it is definitely there to say hello. The shade range for these is actually pretty good, I have the shade Beige Elastic which is my favourite ever lip gloss shade- the perfect nude to wear alone, or on top of MAC Velvet Teddy. The small brush applicators ensures they apply smoothly and don't gloop up and the pigmentation is surprisingly very good. For Β£7.99 these are a great budget option.

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss: Another high end pick here and a brand I have been using for a while now. The Bobbi Brown lip gloss' come in an incredible selection of shades and also three formula's- normal, high shimmer and sheer. I have one normal (Scarlett) and one high shimmer which is the gold gloss (Canary). These are most definitely the least moisturising of the bunch, but again, one of my favourites, purely because of the shade range and choice of finish. Well done Bobbi Brown..

What are your favourite lipgloss?
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