The Spring Skincare Edit

As we have slowly moved into spring, I have done a number of different posts on spring makeup looks, spring nails, updating your makeup bag for spring, you name it, but I haven't really done anything on how to mix up your skincare for spring. Well, it's time. In different seasons, your skin needs different things and so I always change the products I use in A/W to the ones I'll use throughout the S/S. A little disclaimer as this is a skincare post- my skin is very much normal but gets a tad dehydrated/dry sometimes. Disclaimer out the way, when it comes to spring skincare, I boost the hydration levels and try to avoid heavier products to prepare my skin for the summer glow. 

Lush Full Of Grace Serum Bar* For extra moisture and hydration then serums are an essential step, especially when you are prepping your skin for summer and in summer we want juicy glowing skin! This solid bar melts into an oil based serum in your hands and completely renews your skin as it deeply nourishes, calms and soothes, whilst being weightless and not at all heavy. For a more luxurious experience, I give myself a mini massage as I rub this in, to really work the product in and get the full benefits. Despite being oil based, this is suitable for all skin types as the Calamine powder controls any excess oil. 

Super Facialist Clay Mask: As my skin isn't blemish prone, a strong clay mask like this, isn't something I use weekly, I only bring it out when a few spots or blemishes appear. Like any other clay mask, you apply a layer of this either all over your face or on the blemish prone areas, leave it to dry, then rinse it off for a red-free complexion and a few less obvious marks! The results from this are really amazing, my spots instantly dry up, reduce in size and redness and disappear within a couple of days.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner: With a silky feeling texture, this hydrating toner instantly brightens your skin and provides a tonne of moisture. It's soothing and refreshing, leaving a velvet like feel to the skin, ready for a layer of moisturiser. 

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser*: Made with 100% natural ingredients this fresh cleanser is packed full of rose, lavender and almond oil to exfoliate, calm and restore the skin. When mixed with water, the solid cleanser turns slightly milky which helps brighten and tone your skin. If you haven't done so already, then spring is the perfect time to mix up your cleanser to something that is going to brighten and exfoliate your skin as it will create a new surface ready for summer. 

The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil: This is an all year round favourite of mine for removing makeup, the light oil formula intensely nourishes and hydrates my skin, but doesn't leave a trace of oil behind. If I'm wearing a normal amount of makeup and nothing too heavy duty then this is perfect alone, but if I've been out in the evening and have more makeup on than usual, then this really breaks down the makeup before going in with a deep cleanse.  

Ren Active 7 Eye Gel: To keep your under eye area hydrated and nourished, a gel or cream is essential. No one wants cake-y or creased concealer! This highly cooling gel treats and brightens the eye area, reducing signs of tiredness and dark circles. Since using this, I've seen noticeable results in the overall appearance of my dark circles and how my concealer applies, it's one of the best. I use this both day and night in an O shape around my eye to keep everything firm and line free.

Lush Eu Roma Water Toner: Free from alcohol and any nasties, this rose water based toner is suitable for the most sensitive types of skin as it gently refreshes skin, removing any last traces of makeup. The water based toner hydrates the skin in the most gentle way possible and calms any redness, keeping your complexion balanced. I've been using this as a toner after I cleanse, but it also works well as a refreshing spritz after your shower. 

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask*: A recent discovery of mine and a mask that is ideal for this time of year but I can tell this is going to be an annual favourite. The fresh blueberry mask is the mask we all want; it adds hydration, soothes your skin and balances everything out. The mask is packed with oils and beneficial ingredients which bring all sorts of goodness to your skin and as Lush masks have to be kept in the fridge, they are incredibly refreshing after a long day. 

Super Facialist Secret Makeover Rose Oil: Whatever the season, face oils are a part of my skincare regime. Whether it's an oil based serum, a cleanser or a hydrating oil, they are there. This is supposedly a pre cleanse oil, but I actually use it for multiple purposes... If I'm wearing heavier makeup than usual then I'll use this to really melt away and break down my makeup before I go in with my normal cleanser but my favourite way to use this is actually as a normal oil. Post tone, pre moisturiser I slap a layer off this on and lock it in with my night cream for an extra layer of moisture that can really sink into the skin and nourish the layers below. 

Lush Skin's Shrangri La Moisturiser*: If there is a cream that takes skin to the next level, then this is it. This is my new go to day cream which works beautifully underneath foundation, working as the perfect pre-base. The velvet soft cream is bursting with nourishing oils which moisturise, nourish and tone throughout the day or over night. This has fixed my dehydrated skin and has boosted my hydration levels right back up to the top. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream: Tired, dehydrated and dull complexions get an instant lift with this rich night cream as it sinks into the skin over night, giving an intense amount of hydration. The cream is rich in Vitamin E which replenishes moisture levels and leaves skin silky soft. If my skin is feeling particularly 'urgh' then I'll apply an extra thick layer on to really give my skin an intense burst of hydration. 

Lush Cupcake Mask*: Until I tried this mask, I didn't think it was possible for a clarifying mask to break down all impurities whilst keeping the skin hydrated and soft at the same time. The fresh mint, cocoa powder and linseed all target the skins problems, keeping it nourished and protected. What I love about this mask if just how cooling it is on the skin, there's the moment of 'ahhh' when you apply it as it's so refreshing, and when you take it off, you have the plumpest of plump skin. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist: For a quick skin pick me up, a hydrating rose face mist is ideal, especially when your skin is feeling dull or needs refreshing. For instant refreshment then spritz this on throughout the day for moisture and protection. 

What are your spring skincare must haves?