Lush Skincare Haul & Review

I've been a bit of a skincare fiend recently and am constantly adding new bits to my wish list, so when I was added to the guest list for the Lush Solihull Skincare event, I was very excited to get the chance to test out some new products. I've personally never tried Lush skincare before and I love trying out new brands and finding things I love, so this was the perfect oppourtunity! At the event itself, we made our own cleanser, toner and masks from scratch, picking up some top tips and tricks along the way. At the end of the event we were given an incredible goodie bag which included the things we had made and some extra bits. This is a seriously good goodie bag. As this is a pretty big haul, lets get started... 

I received two cleansers in the bag, Angels On Bare Skin* and the 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion*. Angels On Bare Skin is a beautiful fresh cleanser which removes all makeup and leaves your skin feeling smoother and tighter. I'm going to put it out there, this isn't the most easy of cleansers to work with, you have to mix it in your hands with water to create a paste and then scrub it onto the skin. With beneficial ingredients such as rose absolute, lavender oil and almond oil, skin is instantly hydrated, nourished and brightened. When I first used this, I had a 'wow' moment, my skin instantly appeared healthier and had a natural glow. To cleanse my skin in the mornings, the 9 To 5 Cleanser works wonders, the almond milk soothes and moisturises my skin, clearing it of any dirt or oils that have built up over night. This hydrates and brightens my skin ready for the day. 

Products that I have always lusted after in Lush are their toners, not so much the Tee Tree Water, but i've had my eyes on the Eau Roma Water* and Dream Steams* for a while now... The Eau Roma Water is a really beautiful rose water spritz which tones, hydrates and soothes the skin. The Dream Steams on the other hand, are like a bath bomb for your skin; you simply drop the fizzy circle into hot water and hold your head over it so the steam rises, opening your pores so the essential oils can really sink in. My skin feels so beautiful after using this; moisturised, nourished, restored and soothed. Everything I look for in a skincare product. 

Next up we have my favourite of the bunch, the masks. From scratch, we made the Cupcake* mask which is perfect for blemish prone skin as it acts as a really deep cleanse, opening up the pores and dragging out all the nasty dirt. Even though I don't get blemishes that often, this is still a fantastic mask to use as the cocoa butter helps soften the skin. The Catastrophe Cosmetic* mask is my favourite of the two, a thick blueberry mask which is packed with oil to soothe and calm the skin. When I used last night for about 15 minutes, my skin felt 100 times better than before, it felt like I had new skin on. 

For a serum, I picked up the Full Of Grace* serum bar which is in solid form and melts into your hands when you apply it to your face. Once this is warmed in your finger tips, you gently massage it into your skin, letting all the oils do their thaang and feed your skin with goodness. Like any skincare routine, you have to finish it off with moisturiser so to ensure I had a full regime of Lush products, I picked up to sample pots of moisturiser. As my skin has the tendancy to suck up any moisturiser I put on it, I got Skins Shangrila* as it is packed with nourishing oils and the thick formula leaves me with velvet skin. As I am obsessed with having glowing skin, of course I had to try their moisturiser which is made to make you glow. The Million Dollar Moisturiser* is literally glow in a cream. With an SPF 30, this is a must have for Summer and when I'm embracing the no makeup look in Summer, my skin will still be glowing with this.

So that is everything I picked up from the Lush event, it was a really amazing evening and I am so pleased with the products. My skin is transformed since using them!

Have you used any of Lush skincare?