Boots #GiveItAGo Box

Many of you may have seen that Boots held a #GiveItAGo Twitter chat last week where you could tweet your S/S beauty tips and read others to try out! I shared my tip of 'using lipstick for fresh looking blusher' and Boot's seemed to love my tip and I was lucky enough to be sent this incredible box of beauty goodies. The idea behind the box was 'contouring' and 'red lips' so inside was a selection of red lipsticks/stains, a powder contour kit, a cream and liquid illuminator, a bronzer brick, lip liner and two brushes. This is possibly the most amazing selection of products I could have been sent and by the far the best parcel ever received. With a mix of some drugstore products and high end, let me talk you through my goodies...

Boots 17 Define & Conquer Contour Kit*: This sleek black case contains a light powder to set makeup in place and illuminate the face whilst the darker shade is the perfect contour colour for sculpted and defined cheek bones. Contouring is part of my daily makeup routine and whether I'm using my Anastasia Contour Kit or a bronzer, I always sweep some colour under the cheek bones to create a shadow so this little set is going to be an essential in my makeup bag from now on. The powders are so finely milled they don't appear chalky on the face and for Β£5.99 the quality is incredible. If you're looking for a budget contour kit then I would highly recommend heading down to your nearest Boots and picking this one up!

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow*: To really enhance my contoured cheek bones and to add some glow to the matte powders, a shimmer brick is a great way to do so. This Revlon palette has 5 stripes of colours, including a white, some dusky pinks and a mix of different bronze shades, each has shimmer running through but are not at all 'disco ball-y'. The subtle shimmer adds a beautiful natural glow when swept across my cheeks and this is all I need to perfect my base, no need for added blush or highlight.

NO7 Instant Radiant Highlighter*: Highlighters being my favourite beauty product to buy, and glowing skin being my favourite finish, this was a very exciting product to be given. I've had my eye on it for a while now but didn't get around to picking one up so thank you Boots! The cream stick is super duper soft, it blends seamlessly into makeup without smudging your base and gives a subtle illusion of glowing, dewy and fresh looking skin. I sweep this under my brows, cupids bow, tops of my cheek bones and down my nose for a naturally highlighted look.

Smashbox Highlighting Wand in Gold*: This is hands down, one the most incredible products I have ever used, if not the most incredible. I am really into the clicky/twisty pen applicators, I find them so easy to apply and aren't as messy as having to use your fingers to apply your highlighter. The pen itself is a gold tube with the clicky pump bottom and an amazing flat brush at the top. The creamy, glowy gold liquid as tiny tiny shimmer particles in it which reflect off your skin for a 'gorgeous glow'.

Lancome Hydration Protection Creamy Lip Base*: If you're heading out for the day or evening and you're wearing a dark or matte lip, then having smooth, moisturised lips is essential for the best looking results. I usually just slap on a lot of lip balm before applying any makeup so it all soaks in but since using this little beauty under neath a red lip, I have noticed all the difference. The clear stick product has a natural shine and is a rich balm which nourishes, smooths, moisturisers and protects your lips from anything you wear on top. The balm is so intense my lips almost feel like velvet and I even wear this as an intensive lip balm/mask over night if my lips are feeling ultra dry.

NO7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Pillarbox*: Having been lacking in the red lipstick department for a while now, I was on the hunt for some new picks to update my collection so the next four products were the perfect ones to receive. This NO7 lipstick is the kind of lipstick I would opt for when going out for the evening but I don't want anything ultra matte. The semi shine/matte finish is ideal for a glamorous makeup look with an intense red on the lip.

Rimmel Apocalips in Burning Lava*: For a really long lasting matte stain, then a liquid lipstick is your best bet. Being a lover of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's, I knew I would be a lover of these. The colour is very intense and despite being matte, they are incredibly creamy, soft and not at all drying. Texture wise, these are slightly mousse-y feeling when applied but soon set to a velvet matte finish with an intense burst of colour which lasts for hours. In terms of actual colour, Burning Lava is a very dark red which looks amazing with a strong contour and highlight.

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Passion Red*: These new Clarins lipsticks are highly nourishing and moisturising with a shine finish. The colour is a raspberry red and is perfect for days/nights when you don't want anything too intense and are after something less full on 'hello I'm here'. The luminous finish really enhances your lips, making them appear fuller than they are and very hydrated. Out of all the lip products, this is the most comfortable to wear and the one that feels the most hydrating.

NO7 Precision Lip Liner in Red*: If you're wearing a red lip, whether it's a sheer colour, an intense matte or a liquid lipstick, a lip liner is essential. Pencil's give ultimate precision and defined lips making it so much easier to apply your red lipstick evenly and within your lip line. None of that feathering nonsense happens when you've lined those lips! The NO7 pencils come in a handy twist up style with a sharp nib and you get a sharpener on the end, making them perfect for on the go use!

Estee Lauder Lip Brush*: Another essential tool when wearing red lipstick and another product I have been on the look out for, for a while now, a good lip brush which is soft and big enough to coat the lip but small enough to stay in the lines. This EstΓ©e Lauder brush is the best lip brush I've used, although it is a little more expensive, it is definitely worth the price!

Lancome Cheek & Contour Brush*: I am giving Boots an extra big thank you for this one as it is the ultimate brush for contour application. The large side of the brush is the perfect size for bronzer/contour application and the small side is ideal for contouring my nose and temples.

Thank you again to Boots for this amazing box of products- have you tried any of these beauty bits?