Makeup Favourites #2

Having recently done my monthly March Favourites, it's now time for my weekly favourites and for me to tell you which products I have been loving this week, how I wear them and what I pair them up with. I'm still embracing the lighter bases and keeping this fresh & glowing with a good ole' highlighter but to throw something new into the mix this week, I've been wearing a raspberry red gloss; still sheer and spring like but something a bit different to the usual peach/pink lips.

Starting with how I amp the glow up a notch, I have been using my trusty Benefit Watts Uphighlighting stick which is a gorgeous champagne gold in cream form. Compared to my beloved Benefit High Beam, this isn't such an irredescent highlight and rather than something super bright and glowy, this offers a more subtle, natural highlight. When it comes to applying this, I've literally been rubbing it onto my fingers and just dabbing it onto the tops of my cheek bones, brow bone, cupids bow and across my nose. For a base, I've really got back into my Bourjois CC Cream, a product I use to swear by and use daily, until NARS Sheer Glow happened... but for a lighter coverage this is perfect as it just evens everything out and leaves a radiant healthy finish.

Having ditched brow pencils a while ago, I moved onto the eye shadow/brow gel brows and forgot about my beloved

Kevin Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil. Since re discovering it in my makeup bag, I've been reaching for this most days this week. The sharp pencil is incredibly easy to use and it very lightly fills in any gaps for a much more defined brow. The colour is the perfect match, meaning no dark, obviously pencilled in eye brows... Before my By Terry Baume De Rose Gloss' came into my life, I was not a lip gloss girl and couldn't stand the sticky-ness and having a hair stuck to my lips whenever the wind blew or I moved my head (every girls worst nightmare). It wasn't until I picked up these babies that it all changed, the non lip gloss life was over and I am a converted lipgloss lover. These are so soft and smooth they glide onto the lips and aren't at all tacky feeling or sticky, they leave a beautiful shine and this raspberry red adds a tint of colour, nothing too bright but enough to perk up my lips. For a low maintenance lip day, these are perfect. No mirror and no fuss.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a golden oldie for me. It used to be my go to concealer and I would pair it with every foundation out there. Similarly to the CC cream, when Urban Decay Naked Concealer came along, times changed and wake me up was no longer my favourite. However... to pair with my Bourjois CC Cream and other lighter bases, it's the perfect concealer. Under eye circles are vanished, everything is instantly brightened and it even covers up any little blemishes.

Finally, for my nails, I'm still loving my Barry M Speedy Nails in Eat My Dust for a pale pastel blue, perfect for the spring time. The formula's are fab, the lasting power for a chip appears is pretttty goooood and the colour is gorgeous. Oh and they dry in about 20 seconds...

What products have you been loving this week?