The Lipstick That Will Never Leave Me

When it comes to my makeup collection, lipsticks seem to be a huge part of it... does having over 50 make me a lipstick junkie? Whether it's got a matte finish, it's the nudest of nudes, a bright red, it has a juicy shine or it's the simplest of lip balms, you will more than likely find it in my pot. Having this many lipsticks does put me through the every day struggle of deciding which one to wear, but just like we all have our favourite concealers or blushers which we couldn't live without, I have five lipsticks that will never leave my makeup bag. Essential lipsticks for me include a red, a pencil, a pink nude, a brown nude and a purple-ish one, all of which travel around with me each day. Starting from left to right, here are the five that made the cut...

If I'm going to be wearing a red lip, then I always, always go for MAC Dubonnet. The dark, rich red has semi matte finish which gives an intense burst of colour. One swipe of this on perfectly lined lips is enough to last all evening and despite being pretty matte, it keeps my lips hydrated and doesn't sit in the cracks! MAC lipsticks will forever be a favourite.

One lip product there is not a chance I could live without, is the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama. Everything from the formula, texture, finish and colour makes me fall more and more in love with this. When I need something that is glamorous but easy to apply on the go, long lasting and hydrating, I reach for my beloved NARS lip pencil. Bahama is the perfect nude for me- brownish undertones and slightly darker than the usual every day nude. These pencils are absolute beauty's and I think it is time to expand my collection...

For the A/W, I bring out all of the plums and purples, I love a dark plum lip and wore one day in day out around Christmas, but the one that made it into the top five is my Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Colour. These are the most luxurious of lipsticks, with a satin finish and bold block of colour that doesn't budge for hours, this one would actually make it into the top three lipsticks. Every girl needs a Chanel lippy, right?

If I'm not going for a bold red or muted purple and fancy something more subtle and not so in your face, then  Topshop Lipstick in Natursit is my top choice. I've spoken about this one over and over again on JHM, but it is love with this one. Despite brown nudes being my top choice, I do enjoy wearing a natural pink nude to keep my makeup looking minimal. The mauvey pink suits me much more than say a real pink nude would, which is what swayed me, oh and that fact it's only Β£8.

My most exciting lipstick of all time, despite constantly being told it's out of stock, I did eventually mange to get my hands on MAC Velvet Teddy and boy am I glad. For me, this is the perfect nude, if I was to make my own lipstick, it would look something like this. The matte finish is very intense and it's a pretty dark nude, which isn't everyones cup of tea- but it floats ma boat.

What are you lipstick favourites & what shades are you loving right now?