The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Dupe

I must admit, I do have a bit of any obsession with eye shadow sticks, they have now become one of the makeup products I couldn't live without and I use them most days. I just think when it comes to jazzing up the eyes, there isn't an easier way then using shadow sticks. Makeup in stick form all started with the lips but has slowly gravitated towards cheeks and now eyes. If I had to pick only one brand for the shadow sticks, then it would have to be the trusty

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks

, from the colour range and formula, they are faultless.


 we have a dupe in town. 


is one of the many brands that have jumped on the eye shadow stick craze and belief that they are the easiest and most convenient way for us girls to apply eye shadow. With 8 shades available, the first shade I picked up to add to my stash was 02 Beige, a light gold. If i'm going for a natural eye shadow then this is the kind of colour i'll go for, pretty neutral but just adds that little extra something. The sticks themselves are creamy and pigmented with an intense wash of colour in one swipe. These are really easy to blend but you have to be quick as after about 30 seconds, they have set in place and won't budge

all day.

 You're probably waiting for me to tell you why it is a dupe for the Laura Mericer sticks, so here goes... This Beige shade is actually identical to the Caviar Stick in Sugar Frost and the formula's are also pretty identical, if not the LM sticks are a little more creamy, but in terms of colour pay off and longevity, they are really similar. For over half the price, GOSH have aced it with these sticks and if you're looking for something more affordable then these are a really good alternative. 

Which are your favourite eye shadow sticks?