New In Skincare: A Cleanser, Face Wipes, Rose Oil & Non Greasy Eye Makeup Removers

Despite being a huge lover of my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, REN Omega Oil and Botanics Toner, I have been mixing things up a little recently and trying out some new products. My skin much prefers a set routine but seeing as I had some new products in my drawers, I was intrigued to test them all out and see the results. My skin is pretty normal, just a little dehydrated so I keep things pretty simple buy using hydrating products and alottaaaa moisture masks. Trying out new products is one of my favourite things to do, especially when they turn out to be new favourites! With a couple of eye makeup removers, a cleanser, facial oil and something I am usually against, lets talk about what I have been using recently and if they get a thumbs up or down...

I have had my eye on the Ole Henrickson The Clean Truth Brightening Face Cloths for a very long time now after I first saw Lily Pebbles and Fleur De Force talking about them and as shown in my High End Haul post, I finally picked some up and hands down, these are the best face wipes I have ever tried. I am not really a face wipe kinda gal, but if I am wearing heavy makeup then I'll go in with these first before a cleansing balm/oil and they are really handy to take away with you. These wipes are basically a cleanser in a cloth, so gentle and moist, they don't dry out my skin at all and leave my face feeling fresh and clean. Strong enough to remove all the dirt but don't rub away at your skin like some cheap wipes do. The vitamin C is 'brightening, lightening and tightening'. If you're going to get any face wipes then even though they are more expensive than your Garnier wipes, they are so worth it. These get a huge thumbs up from me!

If you've been reading my blog for a while and follow me on Twitter, then you will know how much of a face oil lover I am, my skin has transformed since using them and I don't know what I was doing with my life before. I have been a loyal user of the REN Omega Oil in the past but since trying the Super Facialist Rose Miracle Make Over Face Oil, the REN days are over. This little pot of goodness is actually a 'pre cleanse' oil to remove the majority of your makeup before a deep cleanse but use it as a multi purpose product and I kinda do what ever I want with it. The oil itself smells beautiful and is incredible hydrating. When my skin is really lacking radiance and moisture then I use this as an intensive moisture treatment and it works so well, my skin appears a lot more juicy and is oozing with radiance. Another great way to use this is underneath my moisturiser to really lock it in place and of course, as a pre cleanse or on days when I'm not wearing makeup at all, this works really well just to give my face an over all clean.

Like the whole face wipe thaaang, I'm not really an eye makeup remove gal either. I tend to find them really oily and they leave a greasy residue on my skin so I usually go in with a Micellar Water or use a cleanser which is suitable for eye makeup removal too. Saying this, when I had my makeup done at NARS, they used the Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover which was so beautiful and gentle. It didn't sting or leave any kind of film on my skin, it removed my mascara and eye shadow with ease so since then, I have been using a tester of this and have got on with it so well. I will definitely be going back for a full size when I have run out. An alternative eye makeup remover that I find works well too is the Clinique Take Off The Day, not at all oily and removes any eye makeup with ease. This also works brilliantly to get rid of dark or stained lips.

Cleansers being one of my favourite skincare products, I must admit I have tried so many, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse being a firm favourite. But when I received my Glamour Box Party Edition around christmas time, inside was a Vichy One Stop Cleanser  which I have shamefully only just got around to trying. Oooops... I am a huge fan of the Vichy range, I think their products are really high quality and reasonably affordable. I have really enjoyed using this cleanser, it really reminds me of the Avene Gentle Cleanser, (reviewed here) in terms of how gentle it is on the skin. This is also suitable to use for eye makeup which is something I love in a cleanser and the formula is incredibly smooth and velvety feeling. Vichy skincare is suitable for sensitive skin and doesn't contain any nasties that will cause irritation.

It is safe to say, I am a complete skincare addict. I think getting it right is absolutely key and knowing which products work well for you is really important. After trying these products, they all get a huge thumbs up so my skincare favourites box has just significantly expanded...

What skincare products have you been loving recently?