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As a beauty blogger and makeup maniac, I too join in on the MAC hype and can't stay away from a counter when I come close to one and having two stores 10 minutes from me making this a lot harder... Just like every other girl, MAC lipsticks are one of my all time favourites purely down to the amazing colour range and the amount of finishes you can choose between. Oh and the lip liners are pretty good to. I am yet to try the eye shadows which I am always seeing people rave about so they have been added to my forever growing wish list. Ooops! Seeing as I have got myself a pretty good selection of MAC products now, I thought it was time to share them all with you including which are my favourites.

LIPS: Most of us girls have a little love thang going on with MAC Lipsticks, everything about them rocks and once you buy one, I am telling you now, you will be going back for me! To kick start my MAC adventure, lets start with my first ever lipstick I brought, Rebel. If you're into berry lip sticks then this is the perfect shade for you, a deep plum purple with a kinda matte, kinda sheen finish. For the A/W or when I am feeling a dark lip, this is one of my absolute favvvvs. This was where my MAC lipstick obsession all began and next up I treated myself to Dubonnet; a colour in the dark family again but a rich red. When it comes to red lipstick, I like to keep it dark so this was an ideal shade for me. Paired with my Brick Lip Liner, I have the perfect lip combo. Sorted. When the dark days began to fade, I moved onto the nudes and picked up my most favourite and fabulous lipstick of all time, Velvet Teddy; a more brown than pink nude, but beautiful. If you've read my Top 5 Nude Lipstick post then you'll know that I much prefer nude lipsticks which are on the brown side of things, so this is was winner for me. My MAC lipstick wish list is constantly growing so this is not the end of my MAC lipstick journey. Next up? I'm thinking Ruby Woo and Kinda Sexy.

CHEEKS: When it comes to cheek products, MAC have basically got it all- highlighters, bronzer, blush, powder, you name it, MAC have got it and they have probably got it all in powder and cream form. Starting with a very old favourite and a much loved one too. This was actually one of my first ever products and I went in store to pick up a bronzer but they recommended using the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, in Dark. These are really lovely baked powders that give natural, matte finish. In the winter this is a tad too dark for me but when Summer comes it is perfect, it adds that extra bit of colour I need, giving me sun kissed skin. This is a must have product for me in summer! Onto the products I am most excited about, the Powder and Cream blushers. In powder form I have Well Dressed which is a pale rose pink and just the most beautiful colour to add a natural pop of pink. The formula of these powder blushers is what I love, they are pigmented, long lasting and don't look powdery on the skin. Oh and the colour range is pretty awesome. My newest addition to my collection is the cream blend blusher in Lady Blush and I am completely obsessed with it. The shade is warm coral and I have been wearing this most days recently as it gives the most natural, fresh finish and adds a subtle glow. If you're a regular reader of JHM, then you will know how much I love highlighters and glowing skin, so this next product won't come as a surprise to you. The Cream Colour Base in Hush, a soft peach cream highlighter with super glowing pay off.

EYES: Yet again, another category MAC are great at. You're probably thinking it's a little odd that I haven't tried the powder eye shadows but I am all for the Pigment Pots. I wouldn't usually go for this kind of product as they make a bit of a mess and when time is ticking in the mornings I don't have time to faff about with these, but when I do have time to, I love them. I have a pretty random selection of shades but each one works beautifully alone. Kitschmas, is a pale pearly pink, Grape, a dark purple and Deep Blue Green, a gorgeous metallic dark blue/green. The easiest way to apply these is by tipping a bit out onto the back of your hand and then pressing it into the eye lid. The results are pretty amazing, a really intense wash of colour which is long lasting and really jazz's up the eyes. For a much more metallic sheeny finish then apply them with a tiny bit of water, and they will be a lot brighter and really stand out. I really do need to try the eye shadows now. (emphasis on need) The next product I actually blame Olivia Newman Young for making me buy it as after watching her use it in a video, I loved it. I am talking about the Eye Pencil in Coffee. I'm not a huge lover of black eye liner on me, I feel it looks too heavy and full on so a dark brown is the perfect alternative. I either use this under my bottom lash line or on my lids and blend it out to a really subtle hint of brown.

Before writing this I thought my MAC collection was pretty good and I wasn't feeling the need to rush out and get anything else, but now, a lot of products have been added to my list, including more blushers, lipsticks and I desperately need to try the eye shadows, oh and maybe get some more lip liners. Uh oh this is getting dangerous.

What are your favourite MAC products?
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