Lip Formala's All Lipstick Lovers Need

Does owning 50 lipsticks make me a complete addict? I think so. I am a total lipstick junkie and they are the one product I am always buying and will always buy. I could probably cut down my lipstick collection a lot but that would mean having only one of each shade/formula and what is the fun in that? If you're going to build up a collection on one particular makeup piece then for me, lipstick is the one. A girl can never have enough lipsticks, we all need a nude, pink, plum, dark red, bright red, liners, glosses, mattes, you get the jist, they are just an essential for us girls. Whilst having a rummage around, I thought of doing a post on the lipstick formulas that I couldn't live without and the brands which do them best & that ladies and gents is what I am talking to you about today...

THE LIP LINER: Do we all agree that lip liners were probably the biggest makeup hype in 2014? Suddenly everyone was crazy for them, they were the next big thing. I most definitely joined in on the hype and jumped on the MAC lip liner band wagon and boy am I glad I did. If you're looking for any lip liner shade, then MAC have got it sorted. You wouldn't think it was possible for one brand to have every colour you could think of, but they do. Besides the amazing shade selection available, the lip liners themselves are fab. Pigmented, creamy, long lasting and soo easy to apply. The sharp nib ensures the most precise line possible and the colour pay off is incredible, the intensity gives a perfect outline and a fab base for your lipstick.

THE MATTE & SHINE PENCILS: A lip formula I have really got into recently is the lip pencils, I find them so convenient and with so many brands doing them, there is plenty of choice. My two picks are probably going to be very predictable as you all know how much I love them... For a matte longlasting pencil then NARS Velvet Matte Pencils are the best I have tried, despite being very matte they still moisturise the lips and don't sit in the cracks. For something more subtle and an easy every day option is the Lipstick Queen China Town Pencils, sheer but still give enough colour, incredibly moisturising and they have a slight shine finish.

THE LIQUID LIPSTICK: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition lip laquers are by far the best long lasting lip products ever. Seriously girls, these are something else. There are 8 shades available, so the colour selection isn't huge and the colours are all pretty bold and bright, but if thats the sorta thing you're after, then these are your best bet. The formulas are velvety, almost jelly like and are super smooth to apply. The pay off? A pigmented, intense bold block of colour which will lasts you well up to 9 hours, if not longer. Considering these are only £8.99, they are an absolute must have.

THE MATTE LIPSTICK: This is such an obvious choice and I think most people would've picked this one... Of course it's the MAC lipsticks. Like the lip liners, they have so many shades available and the matte finishes are so pigmented and long lasting but they don't dry out your lips at all or smudge off half way through the day/night. Whenever I need something intense and matte, then I always go for my MAC Matte lipsticks and Velvet Teddy is by far my favourite.

THE BALM: To be able to wear all of these lovely lipsticks, then you've gotta take care of your lips too. I am always slathering on the lip balm and one that comes with me everywhere is the Rodial Stem Cell lip balm. I am really not a fan of Vaseline, it doesn't really do anything to my lips and I hate the taste but my trusty Rodial is rose scented and leaves my lips feeling hydrated, smooth and ready for those mattes.

THE ONE YOU JUST ALL NEED: An affordable brand which do incredible lipsticks is Topshop, from the colour range to formula to finish, I absolutely love their products. Naturist is my go to everyday shade which nourishes and hydrated my lips but has a semi matte finish. I love how soft and creamy these are, they really do feel like some of my high end picks but come in at an amazing £8.

So there is my choice of lip formula's that I don't think you can go wrong with and the ones I reach for the most. What lip formula's you couldn't live without?
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