The Battle Of The Lip Liners

Lip liners have been one of the biggest and best beauty discoveries of 2014, when applied correctly they enhance, transform and perfect your lips. From lining a lip to filling one in, here are the lip liners I love, with a mini review and tips on how to get it just right!

Body Shop, Beech: from Body Shop. If I'm wearing a nude lip then this is the liner I will go for. This is more of a brown/nude but works really nicely with Topshop Naturist lipstick.

Kiko, Rosewood: £2.50 from Kiko. Coming in at such an affordable price and being so long lasting, you really can't go wrong with these liners! The colours are great for everyday wear paired with a lipstick or lip gloss on top. The pencil is very thin, creamy and blendable making it easy to line without smudging.

MAC, Brick: £12.50 from MAC Cosmetics. For me, this is the one that stands out the most. MAC is definitely my favourite brand for lip liners as they are sharp yet soft and creamy, making them a dream to apply!

Chanel, 32: £17.50 from Debenhams. This is definitely my most luxurious lip liner of the 4 brands mentioned. The texture is so so soft, it glides onto the lip and doesn't dry out. The brush on the end is great for on the go and the colour is perfect for when I want something more glam than a nude lip but don't want to wear a red!

So here are my 5 top tips on applying lip liner:

1) Prep those lips! I always use a lip scrub before applying a liner and lipstick as it gives you the perfect smooth canvas. The lip scrub I use is from Lush.

 2) The one thing I can't stress enough when wearing a lip liner is that if you are going to over draw your lip then don't OVER DRAW toooooooo much. The point is to create a subtle illusion of bigger lips!

3) Apply the lip liner all over your lips to give you a base colour.

4) Use a lip liner thats brighter than your lipstick to make your lips burst with colour.

5) Draw an 'x' in the centre of your top lip to make your cupids bow look bigger and to contour your lips, draw 3 lines on the top and bottom lip, one in the middle and another either side. This makes your lips appear larger and creates focus on the centre.