The Best Liquid Lipstick

Get yourself ready ladies, this is a good one! The Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition, a.k.a the best liquid lipsticks on the market. If I was to put a list together of my best lip products, these would be in the top 3. Here is why...

Bourjois really have nailed it with these liquid lip lacquers. Being a product in such high demand and one that is spoken of very highly, I had to try them and managed to get my hands on two. Coming in 8 strong, bold, opaque shades the ones which stood out to me were Peach Club (on the left) and Nude-ist (on the right). These two being the most subltle of out all the shades, you can probably guess how bold the other 6 are! The velvety formula's have a jelly feel to them when they are first applied, but they soon dry and set to a matte finish. Despite how matte these are, they don't dry out or flake and they are really easy to layer up! The applicator for this is a soft sponge but I choose to use a lip brush to put this on to for extra precision. The lasting power of these is IMENSE. After wearing it for about 10 hours, I still had a matte full colour on the lip, with no smudging, budging or movement. Now, to get these off, I attacked it with 4 cotton pads, eye makeup remover, wipes and lip scrub and I eventually managed to get it off! Touching up your lipstick on a night out or in the day is just a big no no, so these are great for times where you don't want to be worrying about your lips!

These are available for Β£8.99 from Boots here, and can be found online/in stores elsewhere.
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