Nude Nails Under Β£5

I really dislike the look of my nails when they are varnish free, I quite frankly feel naked so I always try to have something on them. Of course there are some days where I give my nails a break but I try to keep them painted most of the time! I don't necessarily always want to wear a bold nail varnish, so this is the nude colour I'll wear on days like this...

Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss nail polish in 'Soul Sessions' is the perfect nude to keep those nails looking polished and clean but not overly noticeable. To really get the best colour out of this, I use a base coat (Essie Grow Stronger) and to ensure an opaque nail,  I find 3 layers gives the perfect amount of colour, without going sticky. Nude nails are fabulous as they go with absolutely everything and you still look glamorous!

What are you favourite nude nail varnishes?

alec vanderboom6 Comments