Top 3: Lip Balms

Welcome to "TOP 3" - a new corner of my blog where I am going to be doing regular beauty roundups of my favourite 3 products from particular beauty categories. This is a chance for me to share my absolute cult products that I can't be without in a photo-heavy, editorial style post. I'm starting things off with a hot topic for the Winter; lip balms. The ultra hydrating, thick salves that I use daily to keep the moisture on my lips locked in and to stop the cold air and central heating sucking the life out of them. 

Top 3: Lip balms

I always tend to choose balms that are in a tube over a pot as I find these are much easier to apply - no sticky fingers or lip balm down your nails and always use a liquid cream or thick balm over a stick as for me, they are a lot more intensive and feel luxurious and comfortable for a longer period of time. Most of my balms are multi-tasking heroes so double up as dry skin healers too, making them even better for beauty on-the-go.

Scroll down for my top 3 favourites. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream* 

Cult for a reason, this all-in-one multi-tasking beauty balm, hero and saviour is a true staple amongst my lip balm collection. Having been developed over 70 years ago, its a stellar product that deserves every glory ever spoken of it. Blended with apricot, Vitamin E and Lanolin this pink toned thick balm soothes, repairs, hydrates, protects and is a handbag, bedside and bathroom essential.  I slather this all over my lips in the morning post skincare routine, throughout the day and pre-bed to ensure my chapped lips stay smooth and protected over night. It's a wonder product and a staple in any beauty wardrobe. 

Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream*

Ultra-nourishing and rich in cold cream, this smooth and nourishing balm has put the life back into my lips over the past few weeks. With Avène's hero ingredient of Thermale Spa Water, lips are provided with instant comfort and a silky smooth feeling that lasts for hours. This nourishing formula wraps itself around the lips and forms a protective barrier to maintain moisture and reduce irritation from external skin aggressors. 

Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve* 

The super moisturiser of the lip balm world - this incredibly dense, heavy duty, extremely luxurious skin and lip protectant from Lanolips offers endless lip benefits. A powerful 100% natural blend of Lanolin, Vitamin E and Manuka Honey nourishes and soothes chapped, dry irritated and sore lips, relieving them from any discomfort upon application. Due to it's golden tint, this leaves lips looking lovely and plump with a slight shine. 



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Do you have any favourite lip balms? Comment and let me know so we can chat! 

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