The Women Online That Inspire Me


Today's post is dedicated to some of the wonderful ladies in the blogging community that inspire me day to day through their incredible imagery, content, attitudes to life and general life musings. I've called this "Inspiring Women Online" as there are plenty of women in my personal life that inspire my daily but in this post I wanted to focus on the online community and select my top five women that I go to for all kinds of inspiration ranging from beauty tips, beautiful photography, wonderfully written blog posts, travel diaries, style and hair. These are the girls that I have either followed for years or have discovered over the past year and ended up adoring everything they create and put on the internet. Now, let me introduce the girls that have been inspiring me in every aspect of life. 





Lizzy Hadfield AKA Shot from the Street

It seems right to start this post off with the gorgeous Lizzy who's YouTube, blog and Instagram I only came across last year but instantly fell in love with. It was Lizzy's incredible 'Testing Basics' series that got me hooked and I think I spent one evening over Christmas watching them all and wanting to throw out my entire wardrobe and start from scratch. Lizzy's style is so effortless; think 90's meets modern; oversized blazers with mini skirts/dresses, straight leg jeans with a staple t-shirt and loafers or a classic pair of trainers. 


Content wise, on Lizzy's YouTube is where you'll find weekly vlogs showing the ins and outs of her life in her beautiful Notting Hill flat, styling videos with the inspiration behind them and of course her Testing Basics series which is probably the best fashion series to make its way online. On Lizzy's blog theres anything and everything from personal chatty posts to an outfit focus and then my favourite, 'My Week on 35MM'; an image heavy post featuring all the photo's Lizzy's shot on her film camera in the week; its like stepping back in time and looking at old photos, I love it. 


Not only is Lizzy's content a joy, she's hilarious in her vlogs (especially when with fellow style inspo Lindsey; Ropes of Holland) and so so gorgeous; that hair has got me wanting a lob and curtain fringe since day 1. I can imagine sitting in an old school bar with Lizzy, drinking cocktails and sharing our mutual love for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 


Oh LIV, what a beauty. Another must watch, read, follow, like on Instagram, her blog and Youtube, especially for her 'Inside the Wardrobe of' series where she gathers with incredible style icons of the blogging community including Anna; The Anna Edit, Lizzy; Shot From The Street and Lucy; Fashion Me Now to talk through their favourite pieces, new in bits and general girl to girl chats. They are such an easy watch and I always feel inspired afterwards for new outfit ideas. In addition to her own amazing style; denim, cute blouses and always rocks a beautiful dress, Liv chats about beauty and skincare, interiors for her new amazing home and of course, endless travel vlogs that will make you want to visit it all (Finland, you're next). 


I'm a huge huge fan of Liv's content, it always feels like you're chatting to a friend when reading her posts and watching her videos and she's defo a babe I'd want to sit and have coffee. OH and she's just launched a super cool podcast with Charlotte Jacklin called 'The Fringe of It' where you can expect more funny, easy girl chats about life, friendships and blogging. 







Megan Ellaby

The Manchester babe I can't get enough of right now is Megan Ellaby. The fringe, that wardrobe, those colours, Nancy and Peter (cutest puppies ever), the interiors, that wall colour; I'm obsessed with everything Megan is doing right now; Instagram photo, blog and video wise, she's one to watch. If you're looking at adding some colour back into your life or finding it hard to stray from a Breton or monochrome wardrobe then Megan is where to go. Her wardrobe and house is filled with colour and her fashion videos and inspiring Instagram photos that pop with colour every time will help you get out your style rut and be bold on your next shopping trip.


Content wise, I love Megan's informal, chatty blog posts that cover all sorts of topics from an outfit in detail, corners of her home or personal stories; Fashion Interning Story and Dear Megan are my favourites and on Megan's YouTube there's wonderful vlogs, new in wardrobe pieces, styling items, hauls etc etc; basically everything you'd want. 








Lucy Williams AKA Fashion Me Now

Other than giving me complete travel inspiration on a day to day (if not hourly basis), especially with with Lucy's recent trips of amazing bikini, ocean and sea view photos from the Bahamas to Lake Como, Lucy's style and effortless approach to beauty is what draws me in for more each time. Lucy's blog is perfect for fashion and I love the travel guides she puts together but her Instagram is where I source my main inspiration. Endless amazing outfits from floaty dresses and sandals to the most gorgeous bikinis and classic staple pieces; denim, leather jackets and blouses. 





I couldn't mention Lucy and not talk about her amazing Missoma Roman collection which truly is one of the most beautiful jewellery collaborations to date with stunning earrings, bracelets and necklaces that make ideal layering pieces, especially for Summer with low cut dresses and shirts. 




Is there any other girl on Instagram who shares such beautiful self portraits as Emma? Emma's Parisian roots shine through in each of her photos through her simple, chic style and un-done, less is more approach to be beauty and with a love for the French ways myself, Emma's content leaves me feeling more and more inspired. Is there anything better than the Parisian style and attitudes to beauty? Alongside her totally beautiful travel photography and guides, Emma shares insightful skincare tips from how she achieves her fresh dewy skin to help with breakouts and each week focuses on a skin topic from moisturisers, cellulite and more with her 'Sunday School' series on Instagram Stories, which are super helpful and something all skincare lovers need to be watching. 


In addition to beauty, I love Emma's un-done, effortless style that usually entails a good pair of jeans styled with a t-shirt and trainers or in Summer, expect beautiful dresses, skirts and tied up shirts.


I'd love to hear what women inspire you online? 

J x