My Favourites: April Edit


As always at the start of a new month (I can't believe its May already) it's time to talk through the products I used day in day out and loved throughout the previous month. For Aprils edit I'm bringing you some skincare, makeup, body care and a few added extras that I've been reading / watching. I've tried to round up a collection of products I've used relentlessly through April but have managed to leave out the ones I've spoken about in multiple blog posts this month; Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, to keep things more exciting. 






La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lip Balm: This has been a saviour for me throughout April. With the weather changing from cold to hot and then back to a winds, my lips have been all over the place, most days incredibly dry and some days itchy, uncomfortable and sore around the edges. This wonder product from La Roche Posay I saw Lily Pebbles using has saved them. It's a thick unscented, un-tinted does what it says on the tube straight forward balm that instantly relieves any soreness and has been keeping my lips as nourished and smooth as they can be throughout the day. 


Tan Luxe Tan Oil*: As it's getting warmer I've started to re-introduce some tan into my everyday routine and this overnight miracle oil is the perfect easy to apply, healthy glow product for a bronzed complexion in the morning. It's quite a thick oil with a definite scent (not offensive) that I apply at the end of my evening skincare routine. I love how this really is a 'tailor made tan' as 2-3 drops provides a light tint of colour or 4-6 develops into a much darker, back from holiday tan that stills looks natural, just with an extra oomph of colour that allows me to go makeup free. If you're a tan newbie and want something that will gradually add a healthy glow then this is where to start. 


James Read Overnight Body Mask*: I used to only use fake tan mousses when I wanted to get a holiday tan from a bottle, then moved onto oils which I still think are one of the best but recently I've been using this clear gel overnight tan from James Read that you apply with a mitt and leave on for 6 hours so its perfect for applying before bed and washing off in the morning for a golden glow. Due to its clear consistency, there is no colour guide with this so if you're a beginner tanner I'd start out with something that you can see where it's been applied to ensure an even, streak free application but for tanning experts, this is such a great option. The formula is incredibly light and feels hydrating upon application, it doesn't instantly dry or stick to one area so you have time to spread it around your limbs with a tanning mitt and a little goes a long way. I use one layer all over and on my legs and chest double up with two as that's where I like to be a little darker. I'd say this is one of the best tans I've tried and am going to be using it all Summer until I get on that plane. 


Glossier Stretch Concealer*: I've spoken about this a lot this month but I couldn't not mention it in my favourites as I have been using it everyday when I've  been wearing makeup, most days alone just to touch up dark circles and any small blemishes. Keeping it quick and to the point, this creamy and hydrating concealer pot provides minimal coverage with a glowy finish that's perfect for achieving barely there, natural makeup looks. 


Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Moonstone*: If you're not a big eye-shadow user like me then these quick, easy and fun shimmer shadows from Cover FX will soon become your favourite thing to use to add some colour, brighten and open up your eyes for day and night makeup looks. The formula of these is so incredibly light and gel-like in texture they glide over the lids for a sheeny finish and Moonstone has been my favourite so far for it's almost peach-toned pink with golden shimmer that works perfectly with a pink blush and bronzed up cheeks. Better yet, they last all day without smudging but are easily removed with makeup so no harsh eye rubbing needed. 





Suits Season 7: Once my dissertation was handed in, I had a TV binge; Save Me, Friends, Riverdale and got around to finishing Suits, one my all time favourite shows. I finished season 7 in one night, episode after episode waiting for the big finale and it did not disappoint. As always; Lewis Litt kept things hilarious, Mike Ross did Mike Ross, Rachel Zane's wardrobe stayed impeccable throughout; don't we all love those pencil skirt combos, Donna continued to do what she does best; be Donna and Harvey Spectre doesn't really need an introduction. I can't wait for Season 8, (I hear Katherine Heigl is taking over the new main female role from Meghan Markle) but seasons 1-7 with Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, will always be the best. 


This is Going to Hurt Adam Kay: Heartbreak, hilarious and harrowing is the only way to describe this book. A life on the front line of the NHS through the eyes of Adam Kay and his diaries he kept after each shift, miracle and disaster. Once I picked this up, I couldn't put it down; it brought me tears, happiness and laughter (hard to read on a train without a tissue or covering your mouth) but a must-read that's made its way into my top 3 books ever read; The Great Gatsby is still sitting strong at number one. 



J x