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A new year and a new blog series, introducing ‘The Hero Product’, a mini series that I’ll be sharing weekly/monthly featuring one of my current go to staple products. On here you’ll find everything and anything from skincare and makeup to hair, body and bath. Any little beauty luxury that comes into my life, can be found on here with a mini review. Voted as my Skincare Brand of the Year 2018, it only seemed right kicking off this new hero product round up series with Oskia’s cult best seller, the one and only Renaissance Mask.

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Oskia Renaissance Mask Review

The Renaissance Mask

A delightfully pink balmy textured mask that is oozing with enzymes, plan sourced lactic acid, Rose and Swiss Garden Cress to make skin more beautiful. This hero product from Oskia is a cult in the industry and award winner for a reason. Packed full of natural fruit enzyme AHA’s including the three P’s, Papaya, Passionfruit and Pineapple to slough away at the dead skin cells lying on the skins surface, it’s the perfect way to reveal even more of a radiant and luminous complexion.

The zinging papaya decongests skin and unclogs pores whilst Lactic Acid reduces early signs of ageing by enhancing cell turnover. To make this even more divine and heavenly on the skin, Oskia have used prebiotics to fight off blemishes and help maintain a clear, healthy complexion even throughout the cold crisp Winter weather.

Images: Oskia

Images: Oskia


I hope you enjoyed the first post in this mini series, short & sweet but that’s what this is going to be about. A simple way to highlight some all time favourites.

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