The Brand New JHM

You may have seen the rather large lock screen covering my blog for the past few weeks and a few tweets about a new design coming soon to JHM and I am now excited to show you what I've been working on for the past 3-4 weeks. Since first starting Jasmine Harding Makeup in 2014, I've been slowly updating my design and moving to Square Space was the biggest change I've made and since then have installed two templates onto my site but was never fully content with either as there were always new features I wanted to add in, but simply couldn't with my chosen design. With Square Space recently releasing some new templates, I found one that gave me the freedom and opportunity to edit every aspect of the template, letting me create an exciting new design. 

I've focussed on creating a user friendly yet visually appealing blog that has a consistent colour theme on each page and displays my posts in a modern manner. I've not only created a new design with Jasmine Harding Makeup, but a new blog schedule, before my re-launch I didn't have specific days to post, I didn't have the time to post daily as I was focussing on my degree and juggling part time work too but with a huge passion for beauty and writing, I'm going to be uploading posts 3-4 days a week; Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and the occasional Friday. There will be content ranging from skincare posts, makeup looks, beauty favourites and some exciting hauls, each post featuring the products I'm loving and think you will love too.

To tell you a little bit about how I created my new blog, I've been using Square Space for about 6 months now and the idea with Square Space is that you pick one of their beautiful designs and then begin to make it your own, with a style editor panel you are able to edit the fonts and colours and on each page, you work in blocks and add to each, whether it's an image, text block, button, etc... To begin my design process, I made a list of everything I wanted JHM to have and simply started ticking things off as I went along. 

I'm so excited to finally be able to share with you my new design and hope you enjoy having a scroll through and exploring the new features! 

Jasmine x