Starting A NARS Collection

Since starting my makeup collection, NARS was one of the first brands I really invested in and loved from day one. From their ultra soft lipsticks to the extensive blush range and famous Laguna Bronzer, there's a product for everyone whether it's a red lipstick you are looking for or a dewy foundation. Renowned for his incredible colour and product names, Francois NARS was a man of style and elegance which is apparent in each of his products. The makeup looks I love and the constant glossy, fresh finishes I aim to achieve on my skin has been influenced by Francois NARS' story and the view that makeup should not mask but simply enhance natural beauty. 

I've been adding to my NARS collection for about a number of years now, discovering the products I will purchase over and over again but also finding the colours and shades that compliment my skin tone and suit the occasions I need them for. Staring from the base all the way to the eyes, my NARS products are staples in my collection and always help me to create the most effortless looking makeup looks and today, I'm taking you through my collection, product by product. 


One of the most important steps in creating a makeup look is to prep to skin, making sure it's well hydrated and Multi Protect Primer SPF30 is ideal for soothing, balancing and keeping the skin blurred all day. The NARS primers are full of key anti oxidants, anti stress and anti pollution skincare ingredients to promote a healthy complexion which is ready for any makeup going on top. Moving onto the bases themselves, I've tried all of NARS' offerings and have two absolute favourites; Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser and Sheer Glow Foundation. NARS' tinted moisturiser contains SPF30 making it an ideal everyday base as you're getting the skin protection benefits as well as makeup benefits but the formula itself is what makes this such a special number. It's an advanced cream that provides a beautiful veil of colour which evens out the skin tone, lightly covers any small blemishes and provides a beautiful brighter, natural glow. It's rich in mineral seawater which revives the skin for a softer, more perfected complexion. On the foundation side of the spectrum, Sheer Glow is a stunning foundation that boosts a natural radiant glow and has a sheer-buildable coverage that can be worn as a light or medium base. With skincare benefits alongside it's makeup properties, this sheer fluid contains NARS' brightening formula which leaves the skin looking far more luminous and hydrated. 


The one category NARS excels in is the cheek, beautiful powder bronzer and blushes, luxury creamy blush sticks and intensely pigmented double blocks of blush. My cheek collection started with the one and only, famous Orgasm blush (a blush I believe all beauty addicts should own) and from then on, it's spiralled into a NARS blush, bronze and multiple obsession. Starting with the powder blushers, Orgasm, Deep Throat and Torrid are my top three blush shades for when I need something peachy, pinky and glowy. The NARS blushes are iconic in the beauty industry each providing a natural flush that holds a highly pigmented hue. When it comes to Spring/Summer I tend to avoid powder blushes in total and stick to the creams which is why the NARS Multiple Sticks are the perfect Summer makeup bag companion. Free to use for perfectly plumped, pigmented cheeks, a light tint on the cheek or even blended into the eye, these are the most versatile cheek product on the market today and now come in an amazing colour range from the original shimmer finish to the new matte tints. One of the first NARS products in my collection actually began with the NARS Multiple Stick in Orgasm, the most iconic shade in the entire range put into a beautiful stick that highlights and accentuates the high points on the face for an effortless finish. For the summer nights and bronzed holidays, South Beach is an intense pop of shimmer apricot bronze that works as a great powder bronzer alternative. Whilst we are discussing bronzers, it's time to talk abut the NARS cult classic; Laguna. A cool toned, perfectly shimmery bronzing powder that creates a sun kissed healthy glow and can be worn all over the face to warm things up or in the cheek bones for a more defined contour. 


When it comes to picking an eye shadow, NARS have got every kind of eye shadow you would ever need from cream sticks, single powders, powder duo's and intensely pigmented shadows for the serious glam days. One of my most loved NARS products is the Dual Intensity Shadow Palette, an eight shade palette of captivating colours that can be used dry for a matte wash of colour or wet for a more intense dramatic pigment with a high shine finish. The palette contains a mix of neutral and dark shades that can be used to create an easy everyday eye or a more smokey evening look. For a quick, easy eye look that can be blended and set in seconds, the Velvet Shadow Sticks are ideal and I love to use Aigle Noir blended into the crease and along my lash line for a fuller looking lash and a defined eye. The effortless sticks blend seamlessly onto the lid, ready to be worn alone or as a base for another shade. Just like priming the skin, it's important to prime the eye to ensure your shadow stays in place all day/night and doesn't crease or buff away and the NARS Smudge Proof Eye Base is the perfect eyeshadow companion for ensuring your eyes look perfected all day. 


Defining, enhancing and plumping your lips are a few steps you can take to create the perfectly lined and filled in lip. The use of lip liners, lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses are just a few products we can use to maintain the perfect lip. NARS are the one brand that offer everything in the lip option but the product they really do excel in and are somewhat recognised for, are the lip pencils. Coming in three formulas; Velvet Matte, Satin and Velvet Gloss, they offer a formula and colour for everyone. The Velvet Mattes' are my go to product for a long lasting bold lip that I know is going to stay in place. Majella; a deep, luscious red and Bahama; a nude brown, are my go to shades for a bold statement look and a nude sophisticated look. Enriched in Vitamin E, despite being a matte finish, they are soft and hydrating, treating the lip as it mattifies. For a bold, immensely matte, perfect looking lip the Pure Matte Lipsticks are fabulous. Ultra rich, highly pigmented and a long wearing formula, these are the great for a special occasion of an evening out and again, are enriched with Vitamin E. 

Are you a NARSISSIST like me? What are your favourite NARS products?