How To Pack Your Beauty Bag for Travelling

Holiday Beauty Packing - Amour Ophelia

Packing for a week away in the sun is hard enough so when it came to packing my beauty bag for 5-6 months, I freaked out a little. How am I going to pick what products to take? What if my skin changes and I need different serums? What happens when I get a spot and I don’t have my favourite charcoal mask with me? Those are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head for a week or so, until I started to see sense and began writing down what I actually needed and what will be nice little extras to have with me. With limited backpack space and having to factor in carrying it around on my back between locations, I’ve had to be strict on what I take (ditching the Fresh face masks and full size body oils, embracing the multi-taskers and stripping my routine back) but by following these next steps, I think I’ve nailed the 6 month travel beauty bag…

Make a list and pack early

The last thing you want to be doing is packing your beauty bag the day before you fly. No time to pick up things you’ve forgotten and you’ll end up packing everything and anything you think you’ll need without a thought process behind it. Start making a list a good few weeks before you fly and tick things off as you go, this enables you to cross things off that you don’t think you’ll actually need and you can add to it as and when you think of any beauty essentials. Your list will never be complete until the week you fly but that is still time to add any last minute bits in that you’ve forgotten - tweezers, micellar water etc… As and when you get your products, start putting them aside in a wash bag / box so they’re all in one place, this way you avoid opening anything pre-trip!

Multi-tasking products will become your best friends

Anything cream and in stick form should be in your travel beauty bag. Those creamy contour sticks and blushes that double up as bronzers, lip tints and eye shadow will be what you reach for every-time you put some makeup on. Not only do they reduce space in your bag, they help to keep your makeup bag streamlined and are key to the ‘less is more’ approach to makeup you’ll be going for on holiday. Skincare products can also be multi-taskers and are also great ways to cut back on your wash bag, lighten it up and reduce space. Multi-purpose creams such as Weleda Skin Food is a moisturiser, post sun repairer and highlighter in one and why not leave your cleanser on for a little longer and turn it into a face mask? The uses of your skincare products are endless so look for ones that double up and your skin will be thankful.



The essentials

What fits into my essential category, may be different to yours but we can all agree on a few things being travel beauty essentials: A good (but separate) face and body SPF - not to be avoided and the one product you’ll use the most when away. Lip balm - it’s key to keep your lips protected from the sun and soothed to avoid any discomfort. Once you’ve rinsed the suncream, sand and salt water away at the end of a day, your skin will be dying for some moisture so make sure you’ve got a rich and soothing after sun or body lotion with you. A multi purpose cream of some sort that hydrates, nourishes, repairs and soothes the skin but can also be used on dry patches. Face mists will also become your best friend when travelling, not only can they be used as a toner post cleanse and in the mornings but they are perfect for refreshing on the go and keeping skin hydrated and dewy. Skin can become incredibly dry and dehydrated in the sun so Hyaluronic Acid in some form (serum or cream) is definitely something to pack in your skincare bag to keep skins moisture levels high and looking healthy. Cleansers are another staple for ensuring all your suncream has been removed and there’s no left over grime on your skin, use an oil that will nourish or a cream that will be nice and gentle alternative. Sheet masks are the best way to give yourself a little pamper when on the plane or in the evenings and they’re super light so great for taking away with you. A cream bronzer in the evenings will add to the sun kissed look and can be used as eye shadow, whilst a creamy blush adds some depth and colour to the cheeks and a light tint to the lips. I couldn’t go away without a liquid highlighter to add an all over glow. Hair wise, I always think taking a good sea salt spray and hair protector for when you’re in the sun is key for keeping your locks looking glossy and getting the ultimate surf style hair! Obviously your body wash, shampoo, conditioner and the not so chic essentials such as deodorant, wipes, tweezers etc fit into this category but pack minis of each to save on space and weight!

The luxuries

Onto the more exciting and luxury products that can make your trip feel that little more like home when you have these bits with you… A travel sized candle - now this may seem a little extreme but there’s nothing better than cozying down for the evening with a candle burning - at home or away. Eye gels are a staple in my routine so having some with me to apply in the mornings to refresh and on all the flights I’ll be taking is vital. There’s nothing worse than feeling a spot coming and not having anything to treat / help reduce the size so a mini spot remover that will take up the tiniest amount of space is a hand to have. If you’re like me and alternate your serums depending on how your skin feels then you too, might take a couple with you. One for hydrating, Vitamin C to keep skin looking bright and maybe one to help with congestion.



I hope this comes in handy for your next trip! I’ll be posting everything I’m taking with me on here soon and have lots of other travel beauty posts to come too.

Love, Jasmine x