A Dehydrated Skin Routine


I consider myself to be a "skincare fanatic" - it's my passion, it excites me and I love discovering innovative, new and different brands and products that are on the market today. One of my main skin concerns is hydration so when it comes to creating a skincare routine, I look for products that are not only going to tend to my radiance cravings but also boost my skins hydration levels to replenish any moisture loss. Most of the time, my skin type sits in the normal category however in the past year, things have got a little oiler than usual and I find myself reaching for salicylic acid more often, but most days, you'll find hydrating creams, Rose ingredients, nourishing oils and gentle cleansers amongst my bathroom shelf. Today, I'm talking hydration and the key products to creating a skincare routine that will fix your hydration levels. 



Serum is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine and the one where you can really rely on amping up the hydration levels. Whatever the serum I'm using, it will always be targeted to a specific skincare concern and as we are talking hydration, I'm going to tell you all about the amazing Suqqu Moisture Essence*. Suqqu is a Japanese brand creating luxurious beauty products to keep our skin balanced, bright and hydrated. The Moisture Essence is an ultra-light weight anti-ageing serum that contains Shell Ginger Leaf Extract; a product originating from East Asia that intensely hydrates, increases skins suppleness and leaves the skin feeling plum and firm. Fresh Peony and Oriental Orchid keep this product smelling beautiful. 

For an extra shot of radiance and hydration, I lightly press 2-3 drops of the Medik8 C-Tetra Serum* all over my face. It's a "revolutionary" ultra-stable vitamin C serum that's perfect for those in their mid 20's+ who want to brighten the complexion that little further with a vitamin C that won't irritate the skin. It's clear, paraben free, fragrance free and works wonders underneath face creams and oils. Serum for the eyes is just as important for the face as the delicate eye area needs something ultra-light, cooling and hydrating to stay moisturised and free of lines and dark circles. The Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Serum* is a potent eye treatment enriched with an exclusive ingredient of Naturevive PB18+ that helps reduce signs of fatigue and gives your eyes a hydration lift when applied morning and night. 

A hydrating routine wouldn't be complete without a Rose cream or oil and what better a brand and product to talk about than my favourite Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream*. Delivering intense 24 hour moisture, angelica leaf extract and special hydropatches that form a protective moisturising veil to attract and retain moisture, plum seed oil to maintain a healthy complexion and advanced levels of hyaluronic acid to increase moisture to allow deep hydration, this is the holy grail of hydrating face creams and my skin would cry without it. What better an ingredient and product to hydrate, soothe and cleanse the skin than the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask*. This luxurious, thick, rich and natural mask works wonders at bringing your skin back to looking it's best through it's soothing and calming properties form natural remedy, Manuka Honey. 

For a last minute skin pick me up and a little revitalisation, I love to spritz my face in the mornings with the Pixi Vitamin C Mist*. As-well as being ultra radiance boosting due to the Orange Blossom, it's perfect for restoring moisture, skins plumpness and giving your skin a hydrating wake up for the day ahead. Spritzed on the go, it keeps makeup look fresh, skin feeling clean and your complexion looking luminous. 


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