Glowing Makeup with Laura Mercier

I always treat makeup products as natural skin enhancers. Makeup looks for me, remain minimal, quick and easy and are always focussed on boosting my skins glow and radiance that comes from my with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid filled skincare routine. I love to use makeup to amp this glow even more and Laura Mercier is the perfect brand to do so. I've always been a brand fanatic, her infamous tinted moisturiser was one of the first high end products I owned and is since, one I've re-purchased and had multiple times; it's a staple in my makeup bag. Today's post is all about how I use my tinted moisturiser and other Laura Mercier products to create flawless, radiant makeup on a day to day basis. 

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A 7 step, fresh faced beauty routine with Laura Mercier... - glowing skin with laura mercier


1. Radiance Foundation Primer*: I haven't always been one to use a primer on a daily basis, purely down to the fact that I've never really noticed a huge difference so usually always go straight in with my base after applying an ultra hydrating moisturiser. However, I've recently been introduced to this incredibly radiant, light and water-based gel primer from Laura Mercier and it's changed how my skin looks post base. This is the first step in my current makeup routine and I take a pea size amount and smooth it all over my skin with my fingers to reveal an instantly brightened complexion and 'lit from within' glow. Makeup lasts longer, looks fresher and my skin feels hydrated. 



2. Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser*: You guys know how much I love this product, I've spoken about it so many times on here and I've tried each of the formulas. Having loved the Illuminating version for years and getting through tubes of the stuff (I have a full tube ready for Summer when I have a tan) I wanted something that was a little more low-key for everyday makeup but still packed a punch in the glow department. This is where the Oil-Free version comes into play. Providing a sheer, light to medium coverage that is build-able and can be tailored to any desired coverage, this tinted cream product is my current go to everyday base. It's incredibly hydrating, super easy to apply, blends beautiful and gives my skin such a lovely light coverage that looks natural and keeps me glowing all day. For a tinted moisturiser, the pigment in this is amazing, covering any areas of redness and small blemishes, allowing me to have my base done in seconds. I've been applying all my cream makeup products with my fingers lately, 1) for ease but 2) for how the makeup blends much more seamlessly into my skin and this method works wonders with the tinted moisturiser. 

3. Secret Concealer*If it's a day when the tinted moisturiser can't keep the blemishes obey and my under-eyes are particularly dark then I'll touch up with a concealer. This little pot from Laura Mercier really is my all time favourite. It's super brightening, makes my eyes look awake and refreshed, contains vitamin E to ensure the eye area remains moisturised and is crease free. I've literally just nearly run out of this which is why it's not photographed (empties post coming soon) so a SpaceNK trip is needed for back up. - glowing skin with laura mercier



4. Pressed Setting Powder*Having been anti-powder for years with the fear of it taking all the glow and radiance out of my face, I'm now a proud owner of two. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting and this translucent, light reflecting number from Laura Mercier. The powder is so finely milled it simply takes away any unwanted shine on my forehead and nose and lightly sets everything in place to ensure my face stays on all day. I only take a tiny amount of this and dust it across my chin, around my nose, forehead and jaw where makeup naturally wears off faster, still keeping my cheeks nice and glowy. 

5. Second Skin Cheek Colour in Violet Orchid*: I usually keep my blushers more neutral than this but to give my cheeks some oomph and create a more fresh faced, flushed look I've been enjoying adding something a little more vibrant. Another finely milled, cashmere soft powder that dusts the cheeks in a sheer wash of colour. - glowing skin with laura mercier

6. Vanilla Kiss Caviar Eyeshadow Stick Matte*: Stick makeup, shadow sticks in particular, are my thing, I love the ease, creamy textures and seamless finishes they provide and the Laura Mercier caviar sticks are another product that have stuck around in my makeup bag for a while. Amethyst was my first and favourite shade; a metallic shimmer but Vanilla Kiss, a soft matte is my new everyday go to. The sticks are so so creamy and blend-able, they don't drag, cling, crease nor rub off, simply glide across the lid and stay in place until you cleanse. The pigments are intense so a high level of colour is delivered with a couple of swipes and the creamy formulas allow colour building or single use. Versatility at it's finest. 

7. Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks*: Lipstick isn't usually my thing on a day to day basis, give me a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and I'm good to go but these new arrivals from Laura Mercier are making me question my lip choice everyday. Intense, high in pigment, long-wearing, vibrant and sleek are all words that perfectly describe these twist up style lip products. Matte yet moisturising and coming in an incredible choice of 24 colours, you're covered for all seasons and occasions with nudes, pinks, reds and plums. I've tested these out and the application is a breeze, longevity perfect and the pigment? Immense. 

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So, there you have it, my current glowy makeup that keeps my skin look awake and fresh everyday using some of my favourite Laura Mercier products.

I hope you enjoyed reading!