The Best Of Kevyn Aucoin

When we all gather twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays to chat about our favourite products and which we recommend the most, you've probably seen me go on and on about Kevyn Aucoin and how much I adore their cream cheek products. A question I get asked a lot about the band is which products do I recommend the most and which do I suggest starting off with so today I'm bringing to you two of my Kevyn Aucoin products which happen to be my favourite cheek products in ones blush/highlight/contour collection. Kevyn Aucoin is slowly becoming a more recognised brand in the UK now with SpaceNK and Cult Beauty stocking the entire range and many more beauty bloggers raving about the products. Me, being one of those bloggers. Each SpaceNK visit for me results in me spending atlas an hour hovering over the KA counter, swatching the lipsticks, admiring the Skin Enhancers, testing the shadows and making the big decision of which will be my next purchase. My love for the brand started off with the Brow Precision Pencil, the softest and easiest pencil to use for natural looking brows and for then on, I'd fallen in love with the products. One thing that Kevyn excels in, is his cream products. Everything from the application to the formula is spot on and there's nothing you would change about these products. 

The product you have probably all heard of from Kevyn is the Sculpting Powder, a cult classic that is loved in both the UK and the USA and has become a staple product in many bloggers makeup bags. For a powder contour and highlight lover then these are the products to go for, they are buttery and soft with pigmentation that lasts on the skin and doesn't leave a powdery finish. However if you're into your creams and products that you can really work into the skin and build up, then you'll be an avid user of the Candlelight & Sculpting Creamy Glow Duo. A cream version of the sculpting powder and his well known candlelight highlighting powder. This cream duo is the creamiest of contour and highlights you will get, the formulas are incredibly pigmentated and both shades work well into the skin with either your fingers or a brush, promising a finish that will last you hours. 

With creams that melt into the skin like butter, you can apply a thin layer of contour colour under your cheek bones for a natural finish that subtly sculpts your face or for something a little more defined then you can really work with the product and build it up which is the true beauty behind this contour shade. The product works into the cheeks with ease both over foundation or alone and doesn't smudge or cake together. The colour is as natural a contour you will get, nothing that appears obvious nor something that you cannot see, it's just in between and for me, the perfect colour. Once the sculpting is done, Kevyn's created a dreamy highlight shade to blend on top of the cheek bones and any other point of the face you wish to accentuate. The light champagne highlight shade is the ultimate shade for everyday and party wear, with hues that suit all skin tones and a formula like no other, this the cream highlight I can't put down and by the looks of it, will need to be re purchasing very soon! Although the cream is highlight pigmented, the highlight doesn't appear too much nor over the top on the skin, it's ever so subtle and catches the light beautifully with one turn. The shade creates a soft focus subtle glow to the skin which perfects all makeup looks. 

Having perfected the contour and highlight in cream form, Kevyn had to do the same with his blushes and ended up creating yet another, perfect cream product. With cream blushers being my preferred formula, I've tried many cream and liquids formulas which just cannot compete with Kevyn Aucoin. These Creamy Glow Blushes come in four shades and my favourite is Tansoleil, a coral blush that is your way to peach cheeks this season. The fresh, sheer texture of these pots makes them that little extra special as they smooth over the cheeks seamlessly without rubbing any other makeup. Patted on with a light touch, these create an effortless touch of colour that is fresh and natural looking, guaranteed to stay put all day. For a more dramatic look, like the contour, these can be layered up to the desired finish. 

Have you tried any of Kevyn Aucoins products?