Sharing My Skin Secrets With Aveeno

Aswell as looking after my face and keeping it hydrated and clear with a range of different products, I'm also a body lotion girl and love slapping on creams, butters and oils to keep my skin supple and smooth. Whether it's when I'm straight out the shower or I've just had a hot relaxing bath, I always apply some kind of body lotion to re hydrate my skin, it's become part of my daily routine and you could say, I'm a little obsessed. Since I've been on holiday this year and my skin has had some serious sun loving, it was important I moisturised regularly to bring it back to normal, calm it down and to prevent any peeling so lotioning up my body as been a big thing for me this summer. A body lotion I have fallen for completely is the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion and I've taken on the Aveeno challenge of sharing my skincare secrets with you and share my thoughts on the lotion itself... 

I've been researching the whole oatmeal fix for a while now to get my head around what the skin hype behind them is. They've been used in face creams, masks, cleansers and in this instance, body lotion. The Aveeno cream is rich in active Colloidal Oatmeal meaning this stuff guarantees some serious hydration. Oats are known to be beneficial in the skincare department and are great for locking in moisture and restoring dry skin, they are incredibly soothing on irritated skin or signs of redness, they protect the skin and most of all, they cleanse. By using naturally active ingredients, Aveeno have created a unique formula that works wonders on the skin and is completely fragrance and paraben free so you are avoiding adding any nasties to your skin. What makes the Aveeno formulation even more special is that it is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive or eczema prone skin. 

I've been applying this lightweight rich lotion onto my skin every day now and have seen noticeable results in both the appearance and feel of my skin. The cream absorbs instantly into the skin and tackles dehydration right away without leaving a greasy texture on my skin. With skin that can become dry quickly, this stuff works a dream and is just what I need for a quick skin fix. The bottle promises moisturised skin for 24 hours, and I can say myself that they have got that spot on. The next day my skin still feels hydrated and soft to touch. If you're in a rush in the mornings and need some hydration on those legs then this is what you need due to how fast it dries so gone are the sticky skin days when the thought of putting skinny jeans onto moisturised legs was the last thing you wanted to do! With Aveeno, you can moisture and go. Coming in a large 300ml bottle, you know this stuff will last you well and with a easy pump action applicator, you can simply pump it out and slap it on. Easy peasy.

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JHM's Skin Secrets 

Changing your moisturiser with the seasons

When a season change comes, we update our wardrobe so why shouldn't we update our skincare? When winter comes, we ditch the day dresses and wrap up in thick jumpers and hats so I leave the light moisturisers behind and go for some heavy duty stuff that is rich in hydration and keeps my skin protected from the cold weather. With this trick in the bag, gone are the dry skin winters and say hello to glowing, fresh skin all year around. 

Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

Cleansing is the most important step of your skincare regime so taking good care when you do it is essential. I always double cleanse my skin weather it's with a cream, oil or a balm, ensuring all makeup is removed is important for when you add your creams, serums or oils on next. 

SPF is your best friend

Wearing an SPF everyday is the most important skincare tip I've learnt. Even if it's pouring with raining and there isn't sunlight in sight, you've gotta get that SPF on. I always make sure I have SPF 30 on my skin whether it's from my moisturiser, primer or tinted moisturiser, it adds in that extra layer of protection. 

Get a mask on twice a week

Masks are the one product that really make a difference to my skin and when I've got the right one on, I really see a change in my skins appearance and texture. I always apply a hydrating mask at the beginning of the week to brighten and moisturise my skin and towards the end of the week, I go in with something detoxifying and one that will unclog my pores and really break down any impurities and draw them out. 

Do you have any skincare secrets to share with us and have you tried the fabulous Aveeno Moisturising Lotion?