The Holiday Skin Bag


Following up from my Holiday Beauty Bag Edit, I though I'd share with you what skincare and body care bits I take away with me when travelling abroad. Aswell as creating a soft glow with golden highlights and a bunch of makeup, I like to use skin and body lotions to create the same effect and with these pics, I get that holiday glow. Being out in the sun everyday can dry out your skin and cause de hydration so using products both pre and post sun exposure is an essential for keeping your skin supple and silky. 

THE SPFS: Protecting your skin in the sun is one of the most important steps so getting hold of a good SPF that hydrates and protects is a good start. I love using my Hawaiian Tropic Hydra Silk SPF15 all over my body which adds a dose of radiance and keeps my skin feeling incredibly soft. From my face, I start the day with my This Works In Transit SPF30 which is just a regular day cream that moisturises and plumps and then to top up my SPF throughout the day I use the Bioderma SPF30 Face Sun Cream which smells heavenly and feels like you're applying a day cream, none of that sticky, tacky nonsense some sun creams leave. 

THE AFTER SUNS: Treating your skin when you're out of the sun, for me, is just as important as applying sun cream. Once I've showered and washed of all the left of lotion, I slather on layers of my Hawaiian Tropic Hydra Silk After Sun Lotion which is enriched in coconut and papaya, ensuring my skin is kept hydrated and is rich in moisture. To re hydrated my face in the evening I've been using the Decleor Aroma Sun Expert After Sun Balm (not in photo) which acts as a skin treat, bringing moisture levels back to normal, cooling your skin and making that tan last even longer. If I have any areas of skin that are extra dry or are sore from the sun then I layer on some Dr. PAW PW Original Balm which soothes and brings my skin back to normal. This is a holiday must have either by the pool or on your bathroom shelf! 

THE SKINCARE: When on holiday, I avoid using any makeup in the day so to rinse off my sun cream I swipe over the This Works No Trace Pads which are beautifully scented with rose water, making them hydrating and soft on the skin. In the evenings if I've slapped on some blush and highlight then I go in with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which is my go to cream cleanser for easy use and good results. To refresh my face throughout the day, you all know I'm a huge fan of the Nourish Toning Mists and the radiance one keeps me refreshed and hydrated whilst adding a touch if radiance. Keeping my eyes hydrated is just as important as my face so my Malin and Goetz Rice Bran Eye Cream has been an essential for me this week, I smooth on a layer every morning and evening to protect, hydrate and replenish my eyes. 

THE TAN ENHANCER: When stepping out in the evenings, it's always nice to have that little extra glow and using a shimmering body oil will create the exact effect. I've been loving the L'OCCITANE Shimmering Oil for it's beautiful scent and light to touch formula that glides onto the skin and adds a subtle golden shimmer.

What are your holiday skin essentials?