Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess - Summer In A Bottle

When Estée Lauder release their Bronze Goddess collection each year, that's when us beauty bloggers know, summer has arrived. With soft gold packaging that gleams with shine and a mixture of body care, makeup and fragrance, this is a collection that has us makeup maniacs swooing over each year. Every time it's released I am tempted into picking something up but have never got around to doing so but as I was after a new scent for summer, I thought what better a chance to scoop up the perfume. This is a great way to keep your summer days light and fresh. 

Drench your body in Bergamot, Amber, Vanilla, Jasmine and Orange Flower Buds this summer with Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess. This is a fragrance like no other and one that will transform your summer into something memorable and special. This really is the scent of summer that will keep you coming back for a new bottle season after season, year after year, being my first year owning the bottle I can already say I will be picking up another next year! The scent upholds the most delectable of smells that shower your body in a mixture of warm and radiant ingredients that stay fresh and feel luxe. With a slight citrus base, Bronze Goddess guarantees a scent that lasts and one that will stick with you forever. 

What makes Bronze Goddess so special is that it isn't just a perfume, it is your dream holiday in a bottle that reminds you of the hot sun and sandy beaches, creating the most tropical of aromas. Being recognised as a holiday in a bottle, this is the one product that should be coming away with you in your suit case this year, and next year and the one after that. Once this is on, you won't want it to come off, you'll be keeping that holiday scent on for as long as you can. Not only does Bronze Goddess smell luxurious, it has been packaged up into a beautiful glass bottle with coral/orange summer hues that are topped off with a gold lid that catches the light and glistens, making the bottle as luxe to look at as it is to wear. Estée Lauder have got it spot on with this scent and I can't wait to come back next year with a new review and maybe the entire collection? We shall see... 

Have you tried Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess?