The Daily Reads #4

One of the most important things in the blogging world is sharing the love for other bloggers whether it's tweeting somebody telling them what you love about their blog, simply retweeting their posts or in this case, writing a post featuring some of your most loved blogs. Part of my daily routine is spending a couple of hours scrolling through my reading list and reading through new posts, commenting on blogs and taking my time to interact with others so I am always adding to my list of favourite bloggers and discovering new blogs to read. This week, I've been glued to three in particular so I thought I would share them with you to get you hooked too... 


I've been following Latasha's incredible beauty blog for quite a while now and it's fair to say, I'm obsessed. With topics ranging from makeup, skincare and hair care, Latasha has your dose of beauty sorted. Being regularly updated, Today I Adore is beautifully presented with a sleek design that draws you in and photography that will leave you feeling envious, but inspired. Whenever I'm looking for something new to read or some daily inspiration then I head over to this space. Latasha not only runs a brilliant blog, she is such a lovely girl and a blogging babe I chat to daily whether it's keeping up with each others lives or tempting each other into buying new makeup! The way in which Latasha writes is informative and professional yet enabling, I always leave her blog with a wish list the length of my arm! Make sure you stay connected with Latasha on Twitter and keep updated with her beautiful photography by following her Instagram


Faith, oh Faith, oh Faith. This girls blog is truly amazing and this girl is truly amazing. Faith Pearce runs a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog that has everything you need to know about the seasonal makeup trends, she will tell you which products you should be using on your skin for summer and she will teach you how to take the perfect blog photo, Thats Just Fabulous really does have it all and it really is fabulous. Faith's career in design definitely reflects in her blog through her beautiful design that is unique, clear and bright. This is a another blog with incredible photography that shows off products perfectly and will inspire you in your next blog photo shoot. Aswell as being a fabulous blogger, Faith is so gorgeous and I am often going to her for product recommendations, we are currently discussing NARS blushers and which to buy next... 


I've only recently discovered Sophie's blog and I don't know what I was going with my life before! HOW I haven't stumbled across her superb blog before, I don't know but I have the wonderful Porcelain Beauty to thank for this. Sophie's Makeup has been my go to blog to read this week and has bemuse one of my all time favourites, earning itself a place in my bookmarks page! I could read this blog for hours and hours, scrolling back months and month until I've reached the end, it's a blog you can't stay off. With a makeup collection that will make any beauty blogger jealous, I spend my mornings lusting after her luxury products that end up on my wish list and if I'm feeling spendy, on my door step. Photography, makeup, layout and content are perfection on this blog and I suggest you all head over now to have a read!

Which have been your favourite blogs to read recently?