The Primer Edit

If I'd started this blog a year earlier, you woulnd't even see the mention of a primer, let alone a whole post saying how great they are. I was a total primer phobe, I didn't see the point in them, didn't understand what they actually did and didn't think they made any difference what so ever. Turns out, I was just using all the wrong primers and wearing the wrong bases on top. Rookie error. Now, I couldn't live without them. Primers have saved my makeup life, my makeup now lasts all day, foundations blend seamlessly and everything just looks that little extra bit fresh. Some people are anti primer as it's just an extra step in your routine that takes an extra few minutes once you've left it to sink in but once you've tried them and have got the right ones, you will be getting up an extra 5 minutes early to wear one. There are so man different primers on the market today, all with different functions and properties. There's mattifying ones, the oil frees, the hydrators, radiance revealers, glow boosters and some serious shimmer jobs. Being a dry skinned girl with a little dehydration at times, I always reach for luminising and hydrating ones to boost my 'ugh' skin days and add to my glowing base. Whether you're new to the whole primer thing and need some recommendations or you're already a primer lover but want something new, below are my top picks I couldn't be without. 

THE ALL AROUNDER - NARS Multi Protect SPF 30 (Β£26) For the days when I want my foundation to stick for hours on end, then this is my primer pick. The light, hydrating cream smooths over skin beautifully, locks in the moisture and sets an even complexion for any base that tis going on next. Whether your buffing in a foundation, sparingly applying some tinted moisturiser or even just going in with some concealer, this NARS primer suits all and will leave you feeling fresh. Skin is perfected with this lightly textured cream, creating makeup ready skin. As it contains an SPF, there is no need to rely on your foundation to provide the protection so you are free to wear anything.

THE HYDRATOR - Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow (Β£28.50) Get guranted 24 hour hydration with this illuminating makeup primer that adds radiance, serious hydration and beautifully soft skin. This pale pink cream prepares skin for a day of makeup and with skincare properties, works as an extra step of hydration. Applied evenly all over the skin, Lancome not only are providing hydration they are revealing a radiant complexion that glows with luminosity. This is actually a multi tasking primer as you can wear underneath like normal or you can mix it in with your choice of base. If you have more oily skin then only apply to the places you want to be highlighted and avoid areas such as the T zone to reduce excess shine! 

THE EVERY DAYER - Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm (35) You've probably heard of flash balms before and may have wondered what actually is the difference between them and a primer or is there actually a difference? They are basically the exact same thing and work in the same way of keeping your base on for longer but a flash balm is there to really provide an instant boost of radiance, hence the name 'flash'. Elemis are very much well known for their balm due how much it brightens, moisturisers and smooths the skin all in one quick and easy step. Skin is instantly brightened and woken up with this light cream that smells heavenly. 

THE GLOW GIVER - Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer (Β£16) Say hello to glowing skin that glistens with golden hues and perks up any makeup look. Containing golden mineral powders, this soft textured cream blends over the entire face, adding an intense amount of luminosity, acting as an instant skin pick me up. Skin looks youthful, vibrant and most of all, light. Containing hyluronic acid and tripeptides, Nourish have created a product that is used as makeup but upholds skincare properties that increase collagen production and prevent any nasties from the environment getting under your skin. An absolute must have for the girl who loves to glow. 

THE BUDGET OPTION - Soap and Glory Hocus Focus (Β£11) As an alternative to your high end glow giver, this is the one to go for. Packed into this little tube is an incredible amount of glow that has an almost pearlescent look to it and when evenly applied over the face, skin is evened out and left looking luminous and fresh. Acting as something in-between both the Lancome primer and Nourish, this is definitely one worth picking up from Boots and testing out. Smoothed either underneath foundation or alone, this works perfectly. 

What are your top primer picks?